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Chameleon Handbook

Published: May 2009
SKU: 9780764141423

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The must-have chameleon book!

Chameleons make wonderful additions to any animal lover’s household, but it’s important for prospective and current owners to understand how to care for them. With the Chameleon Handbook as a pet care guide, reptile owners will find trusted advice on how their pet can live a happy and healthy life. This book presents advice on finding a reliable breeder or seller, information on the chameleon's origins and traits, and detailed recommendations regarding dietary needs, housing, and health care, and vivarium maintenance. Filled with color photos, line art, and easy-to-understand sidebar information, the Chameleon Handbook is a comprehensive reptile book for chameleon owners everywhere. 

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  • Paperback
  • Size: 6.50 in x 7.88 in
  • Pages: 168
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