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Keeping a Horse the Natural Way

A natural approach to horse management for optimum health and performance

Published: June 2002
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The ultimate manual for keeping horses happy and healthy—naturally!

Current and prospective horse owners will want to read this informative, beautifully illustrated guide—it has everything a horse lover needs to treat their four-legged friends like family! The key to the building a lifelong bond with a horse is understanding how they interact in their wild state, form herds, and bond with each other. From there, owners can more easily develop a strong relationship with their horse or pony. This horse book, written by an equine specialist, covers this crucial step and also contains a broad array of information, including:

  • How to prepare and maintain stables
  • Dietary needs and healthcare for horses of all ages
  • Tips on choosing the best saddles, bridles, and other equipment
  • How to recognize signs of illness and administer first aid
  • Factoids on first aid and natural remedies
  • Advice on training
  • More than 350 full-color photos

An accessible guide to for pet owners and equestrians (but featuring enough information to help veterinarians) this complete horse care manual is a must-have for keeping horses happy and healthy.

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  • Hardcover
  • Case Count: 10
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