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I'm Right. You're Wrong. Now What?

How to Break Through Any Relationship Stalemate

Published: April 2004
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This book can help you solve two kinds of couples’ problems: the kind your partner will help you with and the kind your partner won’t. I’m Right. You’re Wrong. Now What? shows how one person—all by him or herself—can begin to calmly address and resolve a dispute whether the other person will cooperate or not!

Experienced counselors JacLynn Morris and Dr. Paul L. Fair reveal their tested conflict-resolution strategy—an approach that can help you enlist the cooperation of your partner—to resolve the issues that many couples face: interfering in-laws, financial pressures, religious differences, selfish behaviors, lack of intimacy, jealousy, addictions, inconsistent parenting styles, even gut-wrenchers such as infidelity or illness.

Even if your partner is unwilling to budge, using the approach laid out in this book will:
- allow you to get crystal clear about what you want
- prepare you to make a specific, clear and blame-free request of your partner
- give you a solid back-up plan to use in the event that your partner is unwilling to grant your request

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