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Jefferson's Great Gamble

The Remarkable Story of Jefferson, Napoleon and the Men behind the Louisiana Purchase

Published: March 2004
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A New York Times Bestseller! The fascinating story of how four great men fought for the Louisiana Purchase, changing the future of our nation.

Jefferson’s Great Gamble tells the incredible story of how four leaders of an upstart nation—Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and Livingston—risked the future of their country and their own careers; outwitted Napoleon Bonaparte, the world’s most powerful ruler; and secured a new future for the United States of America.

For two years before the Louisiana Purchase, the nine principal players in the deal watched France and the United States approach the brink of war over the most coveted spot on the planet: a bustling port known as New Orleans. And until the breakthrough moment when a deal was secured, the men who steered their countries through the tense and often beguiling negotiations knew only that the futures of both nations were at stake.

Jefferson’s Great Gamble is an extraordinary work that redefines one of the most important and overlooked events in American history. To read Jefferson’s Great Gamble is to experience the tense days and nights leading to a decision that changed the face of the world. From the early American infighting to the heated French negotiations to the battle needed years later to secure the purchase, this new history is a story of dedicated men, each driven by love of country, who created an event that Robert Livingston called "the noblest work of our lives."

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