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The Menopause Answer Book

Practical Answers, Treatments, and Solutions for Your Unique Symptoms

May 2004 9781402202599

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Estrogen is a powerful female hormone that protects women from many health risks. In menopause, estrogen levels decline and its protective qualities decline as well. At the same time, a lifetime of bad habits may begin to catch up with us, and our genetic predispositions to disease begin to surface. All this leads to a plethora of symptoms, some temporary, some chronic and some life-threatening.

The Menopause Answer Book allows women to carefully assess their own symptoms and then seek out the information and treatments that will be tailored to their own specific needs:
-- Find out if you’re at risk for diseases associated with menopause
-- Develop your Menopause Action Plan
-- Assess the pros and cons of Hormone Replacement Therapy
-- Find out what tests to request from your doctor
-- Find out how to get the attention and treatment that you need
-- Learn about important lifestyle changes to make right now

Women dealing with menopause and perimenopause are bombarded with information but often have a hard time figuring out what applies to them and how to choose between conflicting advice. The Menopause Answer Book is the must-have companion to the top-selling menopause books, which are informational but don’t help women tailor their treatment.

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