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George Washington's War

The Forging of a Revolutionary Leader and the American Presidency


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How a young general shaped a nation — a fascinating account of George Washington as he faced a war and came out as America’s first president

The American Revolution was won not on the battlefields, but through the mind of George Washington. One of America’s founding fathers, Washington’s story is one that influenced how our entire nation was built. A compulsively readable narrative and extensive history, George Washington’s War illuminates how during the war’s winter months the young general created a new model of leadership that became the model for the American presidency.

Through hardships, loss, and the brutal conditions of war, Washington led his men with cunning and grace, demonstrating the strong and endearing qualities that led him to become America’s most beloved patriot.

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About the Author

Bruce Chadwick is a former journalist and author of seven works of history including 1858, The First American Army, George Washington's War, The General and Mrs. Washington, Brother Against Brother, Two American Presidents, Traveling the Underground Railroad, and The Reel Civil War. He lectures in American history at Rutgers University and also teaches writing at New Jersey City University.
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