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Nice Girls DO Get The Sale

Using the Power of Empathy to Build Relationships and Get Results

September 2006 9781402207440

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Written by a highly successful saleswoman, Elinor Stutz, this how-to book trains women in field-tested sales techniques that will launch them into the next level of success. They will discover how to use their natural kindness, empathy, and relationship-building skills to close better deals with a higher percentage of business-making sales. Women will find solid advice that will help them:

  • build a network
  • communicate with management
  • prospecting for sales
  • respond to client needs
  • manage their career…

…as well as provide them with solutions to problems like selling an unknown brand and getting through office gatekeepers to reach the decision makers.

Nice Girls DO Get the Sale is perfect for all women in sales, whether experienced or not, and will help them use their natural talents to pass their male counterparts on the corporate ladder in no time.

"Elinor has an amazing way of communicating simple, basic techniques that make the scary topic of sales very accessible to everyone. She shares the secrets that made her a very successful salesperson, from creative approaches to getting appointments to the most effective way to close the sale."—Kim Fisher, Managing Director, eWomenNetwork

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  • Paperback
  • Size: 5 in x 7 in
  • Pages: 256
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