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The Big Book of 60,000 Baby Names


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The only resource you'll need to find the perfect baby name!

The most comprehensive and giftable guide that offers readers a variety of the BEST — and most unique — baby names out there for both boys and girls. Easy—to—use and the perfect size for busy parents on the go, this is the baby name book that moms and dads—to—be will turn to again and again.

Along with 60,000 names to browse, you will find:

  • 150 fun and original lists for baby boy and baby girl names
  • Unique baby names
  • Tips and tricks for finding the perfect name
  • Country of origin and meaning of names
  • Alternative spellings of popular favorites
  • Inclusive variety of names from around the world!

Not a bulky reference book, not a stipped down sampling of names you already know, THE BIG BOOK OF 60,000 BABY NAMES is the perfect balance to help you find THE name for your new little one.

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Size: 4.19 in x 7.19 in
  • Pages: 736

About the Author

Author of the wildly popular books 40,001 Best Baby Names and 50,001 Best Baby Names, magazine editor (five times running) and book editor. Diane Stafford has 25 years of experience in writing and editingbut nothing has rivaled the indecent amount of fun involved in turning out a third edition, called 60,001+ Best Baby Names, with 10,000 more names for readers.

Adding names from numerous sources, including radio talk-show listeners who called in when Stafford did first edition interviews, this high-energy author gamely enlarged the scope of a book already filled with great names, fun anecdotes, and baby-naming tips.

Today people are more creative than ever when it comes to naming their babies
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