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The Brides and Grooms Happiness Test

Test Your Compatibility Before You Say "I Do"

Published: November 2007
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Test your compatibility before the big day!

What better way to start talking, get everything out in the open, and have fun before you say the big "I do." With The Brides and Grooms Happiness Test, couples can explore the ins and outs of their relationship in a fun quiz format. With hundreds of questions for couples to answer from sex, in-laws, having children, and pets, to food preferences, exercise and fitness, housecleaning, and traveling, this quiz book will guarantee that future brides and grooms know everything there is to know before the big day!

Perfect for wedding showers, engagement parties, and a thoughtful gift before the big day. This book covers it all with questions like:

My idea of a great snack is

  1. chips and dip.
  2. fruit and cheese.
  3. ice cream.
  4. fresh raw vegetables.
  5. Twinkies and Ring-Dings.
  6. unsalted popcorn.
  7. other ___________

Eating in bed is

  1. the eighth deadly sin.
  2. deliciously decadent.
  3. reserved for special occasions.
  4. a fact of life.

True/False: I expect a lot of sexual experimentation to be part of our marriage.

For engaged lovers who just want to know a little more, this is the ultimate quiz book before you become husband and wife.

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