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The Living Gluten-Free Answer Book

Answers to 275 of Your Most Pressing Questions

Published: January 2008
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Celiac Disease, the inability to digest the protein gluten found in certain grains such as wheat, is estimated to affect 1 in 133 Americans, and non-celiac gluten sensitivity is also a widely undiagnosed condition potentially affecting millions more.

Written by a gluten-free expert who's been living the lifestyle for over six years, The Living Gluten-Free Answer Book helps these individuals find a healthy, happy, gluten-free life. Author Suzanne Bowland breaks down all you need to know about gluten and gluten-free living, offering detailed guidance on questions such as:

  • What is Celiac disease and gluten intolerance?
  • What is your level of gluten intolerance?
  • What can't you eat?
  • How can you decipher food labels and medications?
  • What are some strategies for eating gluten-free at restaurants?

Written in an easy-to-read Q&A format that discusses pitfalls and provides solutions, The Living Gluten-Free Answer Book will become a must-have reference for every person dealing with Celiac disease, wheat allergies, or gluten intolerance.

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  • Pages: 368
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