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Juggling Twins

The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies from Pregnancy to the Toddler Years

Published: October 2008
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The best twin-tested tips used by real moms!

The stresses that come with raising two babies are numerous - but they are predictable and manageable. From a mom who's been there, Juggling Twins is a funny, realistic, and reassuring guide for every new mom of twins who may be asking herself, "Can I really pull this off?"

From pregnancy to health issues, to eating, sleeping, bathing, and leaving the house, Juggling Twins is packed with the detailed, authoritative information that parents of multiples crave.

You'll learn how to:

  • Nurse two babies at the same time, comfortably and efficiently
  • Get exactly the help you need from family and friends in those first few weeks
  • Safely transport two babies at once when it's just you and them
  • Survive the nights by breaking them into shifts (that include you sleeping)
  • Stockpile the right food and supplies in advance of their arrival
  • Maintain your identity and your marriage through the madness

Get prepared, stay calm, and count your blessings (two!)—raising twins can be a wonderful, intense challenge that draws on the best in you.

"Practical advice and a healthy dose of humor—this book has exactly what parents need to help them survive and thrive with multiples. Recommended reading for all mothers of twins." — Deborah Platek, MD, Director of Maternal Fetal Medicine, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates

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