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Substituting Ingredients

The A to Z Kitchen Reference (Must-Have Kitchen Essential with 1,000 Easy-to-Find, Healthy, and Cheap Substitutions)

Published: June 2010
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Everyone has been in this predicament: you’re at home, with no time (or desire) for a trip to the store—but the recipe you’re using calls for an ingredient you don’t happen to have on hand. With this book, you’ll have a solution: substitute. In Substituting Ingredients, author Becky Sue Epstein has collected more than 1,000 easy-to-find, healthy, and cheap substitutions.

You’ll find:

  • Substitutions for difficult to find items and common items you may not have on hand
  • Green, nontoxic household cleaner solutions
  • Less expensive ingredient options
  • The best ways to measure fruits and vegetables for recipes
  • Simple recipes for condiments, sauces, marinades, and spice mixtures
  • Strategies to remedy too much or too little of an ingredient

“With this paperback on the shelf there’s no need for mad, midrecipe dashes to the grocery store.”
—Bon Appétit

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 56
"I love this book and have referenced it many times already. Every household NEEDS his reference guide to save time, money, and 1/2 made recipes!" — Akron Ohio Moms
"this handy little pocket-sized paperback by Becky Sue Epstein is a great reference book to keep in your kitchen, whether your developing recipes for your blog or just cooking for the family. " — Always Orders Dessert
"It's the kind of book a novice or intermediate cook would want on hand for quick reference and it would make a nice gift for anyone learning to cook." — Andrea's Recipes
"this is a good go to easy reference book. Substituting Ingredients would make a great gift for the first time cook" — Cookerati
"This little book is quite thorough and passed my spot tests for the accuracy of the advice. I'll have it near my phone/computer when I man the ChefsLine help line in the future." — Cooking For Two
"It truly is a great guide and also includes things you might not expect such as green household cleaners and budget-friendly ingredient guides." — Eating Bender
"Substituting Ingredients: The A to Z Kitchen Reference is a great help in the kitchen. It can save you time and money by letting you use things you have on hand, rather than going out and buying an ingredient that you may never even use again. " — Fab and Delicious Food
"Overall ...I think this book would make a welcome addition to anyone's kitchen, because we've all had recipes that we don't have all the ingredients for, and have to decide whether to spend the money on the ingredients or not make the recipe. " — From French Fries to Flax Seeds
"Its basically the substituting bible." — Itzy's Kitchen
"If you're going to have one book in your kitchen, have this one. It's a little paperback full of useful information. I've used it many times already as I found myself needing to figure out substitutions for certain ingredients. It is an easy book to use, totally practical, and very inexpensive." — Kitchen Corners
"This book is a wealth of knowledge. Perfect for the thrifty or dare I say lazy (just me ladies, I can say that about me) cook. I was intrigued and saw that there were tons of great substitutions for all kinds of things. Saffron! Have you ever hmmmed and hawwed over a fourteen dollar bottle of saffron? Well, tumeric or marigold petals for color will do just fine in a pinch." — Ladies Sewing Circle
" I find myself referring to it quite often and I'm sure you will to, [and] this is a kitchen must have if you do any amount of cooking or baking at home." — Lola's Diner
"I know most of you are trying to be more green in terms of cleaning product usage and she [Becky Sue] provides a number of quick and easy mixtures for cleaning bathrooms, cutting boards, drain cleaners & openers, pesticides for ants, and an oven cleaner... Not only will it help the environment, but it will also save me a ton of money on cleaning products!" — Love of Oats
"Do these substitutions work? Yes, I know they do because I've used them before. Epstein has added a few new ones, but I have no doubt that they will work because the old ones did and her new ones agree with what I've tried on my own." — Making Things Stretch
"In this book Ms. Epstein takes substituting to a whole new level. It's more than a book to save you from the panic of missing an item in a recipe you're making. My kiddos would love her as a mom because instead of saying, "You don't like it? You get what you get and don't throw a fit!" (That's my Mom Trademark statement), Ms. Epstein instead says, "No problem, Substitute!" AND when my seventeen year old declares he can only eat the best of the best, which I may not be able to afford, this book allows me options...Substitute!" — Mommy's Memorandum
"This astonishingly comprehensive 2010 edition covers all manner of kitchen swaps, which will see you through kitchen crises all year long.

Some of the listings are for recipes, including one of my favorites, zaatar. Others are for straight substitutions, such as using anchovy and soy sauce for nam pla. Still others are not quite direct swaps, but as if the understudy is stepping in for the star: perhaps different, but the show—and dinner—will go on. " — NY Daily News
"We've only had it a few days and already love it. It's clear and concise, easy to use, and so far it includes everything we've ever wanted to find a substitution for. Wish we had this book years ago " — Nibbles of Tidbits
"This little book has tons of substitutions and information to use in everyday cooking. Not only that but it is in an easy-to-read and easy-to-use format. I have already found a home for this right in my spice cabinet (it has much more than just spices, but that spot just works for me). This book will help whenever you are out of one thing and need to substitute something else or even if you just don't want to spend the money on an expensive ingredient on a new recipe. The book also gives some common item weight equivalents which I think are awesome!" — Robyn's Online World
"In summary, I love the concept of this book as it remind people to have fun in the kitchen and to use what you have and not panic. Also, when you substitute an ingredient, you often end up with new recipes and new flavor profiles

I think this book would be an excellent resource to have in your kitchen at home and would be a great (and affordable) gift. " — Savor the Thyme
"This book is handy and its small size makes it perfect to stash in the kitchen for quick use." — Southern Lace
"[Substituting Ingredients] will help you find ingredients that are more affordable than the ones listed in a recipe, in case you happen to be on a budget." — Taste As You Go
"FruHo loves this, because it gets at one of the central philosophies of her life - the idea that you should use what you have. Having at one point been the kind of cook who would run out two or three times in the process of preparing a recipe, TFH really digs that you can just flip through and find a substitution. Epstein also lists when you cam omit an ingredient, like when a recipe calls for less than one tablespoon of orange zest or less than half a cup of fiddlehead ferns. Also, the book is a petite paperback, so it fits handily in your spice cabinet or drawer of utensils." — The Frugal Hostess
"Becky Sue Epstein is a master of detail. She is respectful of tradition and environmentally sensitive remedies for the kitchen and home. Substituting Ingredients: The A to Z Kitchen Reference is a convenient tool and a good read, especially if you eat, drink, cook, or clean!" — Wine Fairy
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