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Go Girl!

Raising Healthy, Confident and Successful Girls through Sports

Published: March 2011
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Create the ultimate sports-positive environment for your daughter.

There’s no doubt that sports are good for girls, but there is often a major lack of appreciation for just how critical participation in sports is for our daughters’ development. Despite the numerous benefits that come from athletics, adolescent girls are still not encouraged to participate in sports nearly as much as boys are.

So how can you motivate your daughter to stick with the sport she loves?

In Go Girl!, ESPN sportscaster and mother to three daughters Hannah Storm lays out a roadmap for parents who want to encourage their daughters’ continued participation in sports at an age where more and more girls pass athletics up. Hannah helps you take an active role in fostering and supporting your daughter’s athletic interests, giving her the edge she needs to excel in life.

Go Girl! is the ultimate guide to making sure that young girls take on life with confidence, passion, and a love of the game.

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"ESPN newscaster and mother of three Storm here makes a strong case for incorporating sports into young women's lives, revising her 2002 title to coincide with the 2011 ESPN women's initiative. The research is clear on many fronts: female athletes have higher GPAs, score better on the SATs, and have lower school drop-out rates and higher college-admission rates. Dividing "fitness" into three categories (health, academic, and emotional/psychological), Storm addresses the benefits of athletics within each. Because sports are only relevant to school-aged children and up, Storm should have foregone her early chapters on babies and toddlers and jumped right into the "formative years" instead. That said, her book will be helpful for parents who need someone to coach them along. Considering ESPN's initiative for women's programming, this title should get heavy play." — Library Journal
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