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That Book about Harvard

Surviving the World’s Most Famous University, One Embarrassment at a Time

Published: July 2012
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"Eric Kester has written the kind of book I wish I had the courage and insight to write. His illuminations on everything from Larry Summers to the Harvard football team to cheating, tourists, and competitiveness are dead–on. His writing has also provided me with some of the best laugh–out–loud moments I've had in recent years. God knows Harvard could use some humor!" —PETER OLSON, FORMER CEO OF RANDOM HOUSE, HARVARD GRADUATE, AND CURRENT HARVARD PROFESSOR

One of the most thrilling and terrifying days of your life is the first day of college, when you step onto campus filled with the excitement of all the possibilities ahead—and panic about if you'll make it and how you'll fit in.

Now imagine that same feeling, but you're in the middle of the lawn at the world's most prestigious university.

In your underwear.

Thus begins one of the craziest years ever at Harvard, in which Eric Kester finds himself in a cheating scheme, trying to join a prestigious Finals Club, and falling for a stunning type-A brunette...who happened to be standing there in shock that first day when he made his red-faced stroll across the Harvard Yard.

That Book about Harvard is the hilarious and heartwarming story of trying to find your place in a new world, the unending quest to fit in, and how the moments that change your life often happen in the most unexpected ways.

Eric Kester graduated from Harvard in 2008, where he wrote a popular column for the undergraduate newspaper, the Crimson. Now a featured writer for CollegeHumor.com, Eric has also contributed to the Boston Globe, someEcards.com, and Dorkly.com.

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  • Case Count: 12
"Just in time for graduation season, Kester, a writer for collegehumour.com, shares his hilarious and poignant misadventures during his often humiliating first year at Harvard...With self-deprecation and clear eyes, he deftly manages to dispel some of the Harvard mythos and his illusions as he learns to not take his achievements or himself so seriously." — Publishers Weekly
"A light-hearted and raunchy story of frat boy-style college adventures, this book is written with skill and (a kind of) grace. An enjoyable addition to the genre" — Library Journal
"Laugh out loud funny!" — A Bookish Affair
"Kester provides a fresh male perspective that makes readers laugh and, ultimately, understand that it's not the grades or the girls that define success - it's about accepting yourself." — Anokhi Magazine
"Eric Kester is rather young to be already writing a memoir but, in this instance, it works because he only focuses on his first year at Harvard. The reader is invited to follow along as the insecure freshman copes with adjusting to a place that he never really feels comfortable in." — BookLoons
"The book is every bit entertaining, full of laugh-out-loud moments and the freshness of narrative brings the much needed lightness in the otherwise tensed first day and first year in the premiere college of Harvard repute. Clearly Eric Kester has a wonderful way with words and has created a true page turner... " — BookPleasures.com
"That Book About Harvard is a fun romp through the perils of college and is well-written and full of laughs. I hope to see more from Kester in the future, and I must say that after all that searching his freshman year to find his place, he has most certainly found it in humor writing! " — Bookshelf Bombshells
"If you like your memoirs on the funny 'I can't believe he just said/did that' then this is definitely the book for you. I loved it." — Bookshipper
"Like humorous little groundhogs, wry punchlines pop up on almost every page." — Improper Bostonian
"Even if you didn't go to an ultra-competitive school, you will still enjoy this book. Eric does a great job of poking fun at himself, his school and just about everything, without being offensive. It's a great humor book that would be perfect for any kid who is just entering college. " — Second Bookshelf on the Right
"All in all, it's a well-told, entertaining and totez LOL-inducing story of a freshman hopelessly floundering at a university that most of us (besides me, obvvv) couldn't get into even if we donated a library or 16. " — Study Breaks
"I love those columns in the back of 17 magazine where teenage girls discuss their most embarrassing moments. This book is one long list of those. " — The Unshelved Book Club
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