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The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper

In His Own Words, The Confession of the World’s Most Infamous Killer

Published: September 2013
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"It's either a genuine confession by Jack the Ripper, or it's an extraordinary novel...Only you can decide."—Paul Begg, author of Jack the Ripper: The Definitive History

In the Whitechapel neighborhood of London in 1888, five women were horribly mutilated and murdered by the infamous killer, Jack the Ripper. Though there were many suspects, the monster was never caught.

This recently discovered memoir from the 1920s introduces a new suspect: James Willoughby Carnac, a little-known figure who claims to have been the Ripper. Carnac describes the events and geography of Whitechapel in 1888 with chilling accuracy, including details of the murders that appear to have been unavailable to the public at the time. He presents a credible motive for becoming Jack, and, for the first time ever, a reason for ending the killing spree. Ultimately, you, the reader, must decide if this is simply one of the earliest imaginings of the case—and a groundbreaking literary addition to the Ripper canon—or if it is the genuine autobiography of Jack the Ripper himself.

"A text that will no doubt be debated for years to come."—Alan Hicken, Montacute Museum, Somerset, England

"Intricate and creepy."—The Daily Express (UK)

"Easily read and worth it for the ending."—Kirkus

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  • Paperback
  • Size: 5.50 in x 8.25 in
  • Pages: 320
  • Case Count: 12
"The Ripper's story and his obsession with knives and blood make for interesting reading, as it deals with the man and his stalkings more than his atrocious acts...Fiction or not, a decent book, easily read and worth it for the ending. " — Kirkus Reviews
"A very interesting addition to the canon of Jack the Ripper literature or "Ripperture" as it were. I would definitely suggest this book if you are looking for something with a little bit of scariness and a bunch of intrigue." — A Bookish Affair
"Carnac (no affiliation given, because he’s supposed to be the Ripper) recounts the story of a childhood marked by the signs that he was going to become the Ripper, at the time of the murders. He apparently was sane enough to remember in gory detail the five murders, and the few weeks in which he anxiously searched the streets for his victims. The descriptions of the murders cross closely with what is now known of them; the Ripper then has the presence of mind to disappear and leave the autobiography, with which he was engaged at the time, behind him." — Book News Inc.
"The way the plots are intertwined in the book, the way the narrative traces the genealogy of this criminal and the way it portrays the heady mixture of cold violence inside and lust for blood makes this book worth reading by every book lover. It does not really matter whether it is another Ripperature or a genuine story of Jack the Ripper, what is more important is the racy, teasing and explosive details it offers. I foresee floodgates of inquisitiveness and debates as soon as this book hits the market." — BookPleasures.com
"Readers will be left wondering if Carnac was indeed the Ripper, or if this was his idea for a fictionalized story about the killings. Mesmerizing." — Cayocosta72-Book Reviews
"A definite must read if you have wondered who Jack the Ripper was, or wanted more information. A well written and very compelling." — My Book Addiction Reviews
"It is up to you as the reader of course to decide if they believe this original manuscript, The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper, to be true or not. Has the greatest cold case in history finally been cracked? We will never truly know." — Portland Book Review
"Even if it's merely a cleverly-written novel ("Ripperature" ), the book is well done. And if there's a remote, outside chance that it's a real account by the gruesome killer, the thought is enough to cause nightmares while reading it." — Valerie Talks Books
"A fascinating read! I couldn't put it down! Each reader must decide on their own - is this truly The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper." — dbettenson
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