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We'll Always Have Paris

A Mother/Daughter Memoir

Published: April 2014
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How her daughter and her passport taught Jennifer to live like there's no tomorrow

Jennifer Coburn has always been terrified of dying young. So she decides to save up and drop everything to travel with her daughter, Katie, on a whirlwind European adventure before it's too late. Even though her husband can't join them, even though she's nervous about the journey, and even though she's perfectly healthy, Jennifer is determined to jam her daughter's mental photo album with memories—just in case.

From the cafés of Paris to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Jennifer and Katie take on Europe one city at a time, united by their desire to see the world and spend precious time together. In this heartwarming generational love story, Jennifer reveals how their adventures helped vanquish her fear of dying...for the sake of living.

"Brimming with joie de vivre!"—Jamie Cat Callan, author of Ooh La La! French Women's Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Every Day

"Coburn proves as adept at describing the terrain of the human heart as she is the gardens of Alcázar or the streets of Paris."—Claire and Mia Fontaine, authors of the bestselling Come Back and Have Mother, Will Travel

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"What made the book especially riveting, though, is how Coburn interweaves the tales of their travels with memories of her late father. She deftly ties in themes from their experiences to memories from her childhood, and I marveled at how skilfully she wove together the joyful and the difficult strands of her past.

I shut the book and began dreaming about where I'd love to take my kids." — 4 Mothers 1 Blog
"Part travelogue and part touching memoir, this book is perfect for readers who enjoyed Judith Fein's Life Is a Trip; !Jennifer Baggett and others' The Lost Girls; or any of the volumes in the "Best Women's Travel Writing" series... A book for all readers, but especially mothers and daughters, this fun, inspiring, and spirited journey will have you scrambling for your passport and calling your mom just to say, "I love you." — Library Journal-STARRED
"Anyone who has lost a parent will relate to Jennifer's years-long process of coming to terms with it and perhaps her trips with her daughter will inspire those who would love to do the same. " — 5 Minutes for Mom
"If you love great mother/daughter stories, a funny travel memoir or just look for a great book, then you need to pick up We'll Always Have Paris! " — A Comfy Chair
"The book "We'll Always Have Paris" is a heart-warming book mingled with hilarious observations of life. Pick up your own copy for a relaxing Summer read." — Akron Ohio Moms
"We'll Always Have Paris by Jennifer Coburn was a breeze to read with a scattering of amusing passages similar to Bill Bryson's travel antics. " — Amateur Traveler
"I laughed. I cried. I fell in love and dreamt of traveling Europe. No, I didn't go anywhere besides my couch. I was reading Jennifer Coburn's newest novel, We'll Always Have Paris: A Mother/Daughter Memoir." — Aprons, Trainers and Bibs
"Infused with wit, incredible descriptions, amazing art, and heart-warming and heart-rending tales of Jennifer Coburn's childhood, We'll Always Have Paris is a must-read for anyone who has loved and lost a parent (that's me), loved and treasured a daughter (that's me), or just wants to share in the duo's quest for happiness, connection, and new experiences." — Be Nice Or Leave
"It's very much like listening to your best friend tell you her tale of her bad vacation!...This is a wonderful Spring read and it will definitely get you off to the computer and starting to plan a trip!" — Bless Their Hearts Mom
"If you are looking forward to traveling with your daughter, the book is a great point of reference, about enjoying the NOW while traveling, and not being too regimented!...This is a wonderful Spring read and it will definitely get you off to the computer and starting to plan a trip!" — Bless Their Hearts Mom
"Thank you Jennifer Coburn for opening up my eyes, giving me some things to put on my bucket list...and for allowing me to laugh and share in your experiences with Katie. It was one hell of a trip. " — Book Reads and Reviews
" The writing is intimate and accessible; it's like listening to a friend tell you the story of her European vacation." — BookNAround
"We'll Always Have Paris is a true gem that should be cherished by every mother, read to your daughter and remembered for years to come." — Bookish
"This book touched me in a profound way. I lost my beloved father a short time ago and I have been ruminating about all the trips we never took together. Before my sisters and I were born, he traveled the world and regaled us with tales all through our childhood. We planned to see many of those same places together, but fate intervened in the form of marriage and a child of my own. In the end I can say that I am grateful that we shared so much time together and that his stories will always live on in me. Thank you Jennifer." — Cayocosta72
"Whether you have an undying need to see all of Europe, are a mother longing to recreate treasured memories with your kids, or just love Jennifer Coburn as much as we do, this book is a must read. With summer creeping slowly in, this is the perfect time to grab a copy, read it tonight and start planning your own epic trip...his book will sing to your soul." — Chick Lit and Wine
"The tone and style of this memoir is so comfortable, relaxed, honest, raw and beautiful that words themselves feel elusive to grasp the very heart of this MUST read book. The reader is touched not only by each step of this heart-warming story that shows this author's best writing to date. Highly recommended!" — Crystal Book Review
"We'll Always have Paris is a good read. Nervous travelers will relate to Coburn's struggles and the more seasoned will sympathize." — Dolce Dolce
"I really enjoyed reading about Jennifer's honest account about her travels in Europe...Jennifer brings the reader from the modern day back to the past by interjecting the daily struggles she had on holiday with memories that she has of her dad" — Dominique's Desk
"We'll Always Have Paris has me pondering where I can take my daughter next, what fun things we'll learn and the laughs we'll share while on our travels. I can't wait!" — Flattlands Travel Blog
"We'll Always Have Paris has me pondering where I can take my daughter next, what fun things we'll learn and the laughs we'll share while on our travels. I can't wait!" — Flattlands Travel Blog
"We'll Always Have Paris is a thoroughly enjoyable read for both those who love travel and those who enjoy a good mother/daughter story. Be forewarned though that before you have closed the book on the final page, you will be planning a European adventure of your own." — Gone With the Family
"This book is a lovely exploration of the effects that travel has on life and relationships and the joy of sharing travel with a loved one...This is the type of book that you close with a smile and look forward to picking back up again in the future. I highly recommend it! " — Growing My Kids
"I read We'll Always Have Paris: A Mother/Daughter Memoir in just a few days. It was a great story, written from a mother's perspective after taking her daughter to Paris and many other European cities, including London, Rome, Salerno, Florence, Venice, Madrid, Seville, Granada, Barcelona, and Amsterdam, over the course of several years and in more than three separate trips." — Happy Healthy Hip Parenting
"I really loved how Coburn was able to tie in what she was experiencing with her daughter with what memories she had of her father. I really want to know more about her father's life and more about her travels through Europe." — Jennie Talks
"I love the bond that these trips have created between this mother and daughter and reading about their adventures together really makes me want to book a trip with my mother right now!" — Lipstick and Leopard Print
"A fun, escapist read...I recommend it to others that love travel memoirs!" — Lisa's Yarns
"Wonderful and charming-you will LOVE this one!" — Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke
"Jennifer Coburn and Katie are having the times of their lives in WE'LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS. And they bring us all along to share the fun...A great book to tuck into your beach bag, or in your tote bag for the plane. Don't miss it. " — Maurice on Books
"If you like the kind of sentimental journey a memoir can take you on, then you will love this book. Jennifer Coburn balances heavy doses of sentimentality with a certain Charles Bukowski edge, alternating between poignant moments of reflection and frank moments of confession. Humorous and heartbreaking at once, We'll Always Have Paris explores, analyzes, and evaluates the relationship the narrator had with her parents in comparison with the relationship she is having with her very own daughter thirty-some odd years later." — Me Read A Lot
"This poignant and very funny memoir chronicles their summers in cities like Paris, London, Barcelona and Amsterdam, where they overcome fears and challenges, journey off the beaten path and make mother-daughter memories that will last a lifetime - however long or short that may be." — Midlife at the Oasis
"We'll Always Have Paris is a hilarious, wacky, and terribly moving memoir about a mother and daughter traveling the world together in the face of their inherent mortality." — Mommy Needs Vodka
"As a memoir, Jennifer Coburn's book works beautifully - not maudlin, no mere recitation of places and faces - this is 391 pages of thoughtful travel." — My French Life
"A touching, heartwarming memoir, that brought out loud laughter at some points when I was reading it. This book will always remain in my library." — New Age Mama
"On the journey of learning to let go of her fear of dying, and learning to live life as it comes, Jennifer begins to get a better sense of who her daughter is becoming. Through jet lag and motion sickness, being lost and getting found, through explorations and adventures, pictures and sketches, museums, beaches and cafes, she is learning that although things may not be perfect all the time, they as are they need to be." — One Crazy Kid
"I especially enjoyed reading this book and laughing out loud with no care in the world. This book is thoroughly entertaining and even though I do not personally know Ms. Coburn, I feel like I connected with her. My desire as a mother to travel and have my daughters experience the different cultures around the world is high on my list." — Opera Singer in the Kitchen
"The book is more than just a travel narrative; providing evocative descriptions of sights and sounds, but also shows how Mother and Daughter both grow and learn as individuals as a result of their travels, as well as how Mother and Daughter grow their relationship as a result of their travels." — Our Oyster
"Jennifer's narration of their adventures is laugh-out-loud funny, warm and touching—I thought of Nora Ephron and Anna Quindlen." — Presidio Sentinel
"Recommended for anyone considering traveling overseas with children, armchair travelers, world travelers, people who love a good read." — Recipe Renovator
"We'll Always Have Paris is Jennifer's story of their travels across Europe. It's part travelogue, part memoir, and part tip book told in the same conversational tone you use when chatting with your best friend. " — San Antonio Mom Blogs
"We'll Always Have Paris: A Mother/Daughter Adventure is a funny, honest, sometimes kooky memoir by San Diegan Jennifer Coburn...to read the book is to experience Europe anew, and relive all the wonder that travel brings." — San Diego Magazine
"Coburn has a light-hearted style, quick wit and beautiful descriptive voice, which makes We'll Always Have Paris a fun and easy read." — San Diego Metro
"Jennifer's adept and insightful descriptions of their surroundings made me feel that I was right beside them during their adventures. I felt her fears, her joy, and was reminded that some of the smallest moments can be the most profound. I laughed, I cried, and I dreamt of making more lasting memories with my own children. " — Simple Smart Sane Mom
"Heartwarming story filled with adventure and humor! One of the best books I have read in a long time!" — SoCal City Kids
"Anyone can keep a travel journal but it takes a special talent for crafting an engaging travel story worthy of inviting others on the journey. We'll Always Have Paris: A Mother/Daughter Memoir by Jennifer Coburn is not a flowery travel memoir about eating croissants, sipping coffee in Parisian cafes, and wearing matching berets in Paris. It's a lesson in living life and well worth the read." — Solo Travel Girl
"A must-read memoir...The story is engaging because she's just like us, making silly tourist mistakes, facing her fears of leaving the hotel room & getting lost. In fact, the book is really funny & I'm enjoying it immensely. " — Spokesmama
"Jennifer and Katie's journey is honest, heart-warming, and absolutely sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of their mommy-daughter adventures together through Europe (and their own relationship). It is such an easy read, true and relatable, and Coburn is honest about even the most mortifying personal hang-ups that we all have but don't always like to admit to." — The (Mis)Adventures of Mamakujo
"I love the author's blunt tales of her own experience but the truth of her past as well. I found the book to be very funny and amusing. Just the right book to prepare me for overseas travel." — The Autodidact Scholar
"A story of a woman reflecting on family, memories, her ability to embrace life and the present. A travelogue of sorts of a mother and daughter sharing time, both growing and letting go." — The Discerning Reader
"Jennifer does a beautiful job of of developing the "characters" in her book, which include her own family and the people she and her daughter come across in the many places they visit. She also gives the reader a good sense of each European city they venture into, including the sites, culture and architecture." — The Miss Elaine-ous Life
"Jennifer Coburn's book, We'll Always Have Paris, takes my dream and turns it into a reality... It's all about letting go of the fear and fully living. A very valuable lesson I want to impart on my girls in many ways." — The Mummy Chronicles
"For fans of non-fiction, for people who love a good travel story, for someone looking for a touching memoir- give We'll Always Have Paris a try!" — Traveling with T
"We'll Always Have Paris is a book we can all relate to. The book celebrates the joys of life and discoveries, the little stumbling blocks we find here and there, the tragedy and realization of mortality that we all must face and the spirit to find our way through and survive. The overall message encourages us to seize the moment yet savor the time we are with those we love. " — Two Moms a Little Time and a Keyboard
"This is a great book for anyone who's even thought about travel with their parents or children abroad. " — Two Savvy Sisters
"Hilarious and heartwarming experiences with her daughter, interwoven with memoirs of her own colorful past reveal a mother's quest for reconciliation and the link between generations." — Vancouver Family Magazine
"We'll Always Have Paris does a good job of exploring how one woman deals with the death of her parent and the trauma associated with it, as well it does an excellent job of illustrating the magic of traveling together as a family and how it can strengthen bonds and bring parents closer to their children." — Words of Mystery
"Jennifer reminds me of one of my funniest friends, the one you always want to sit next to at a dinner party, and her stories warmed my heart. I especially enjoyed reading as she questioned the challenges of parenting and carefully navigated the line between mom and friend. You'll want to buckle up and enjoy the ride as Katie matures and Jennifer learns to go with the flow." — http://www.globetrottingmommy.com/well-always-have-paris-review-guest-post-jennifer-coburn/
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