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Keeping Pet Chickens

Bring Your Backyard to Life and Enjoy the Bounty of Fresh Eggs from Your Own Small Flock of Happy Hens

Published: April 2013
SKU: 9781438002002

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The must-have guide for keeping care of happy, healthy chickens at home!

When you need fresh eggs, nothing is healthier or more convenient than collecting them, courtesy of your own happy home-bred hens. While the idea of keeping chickens can be intimidating, maintaining a chicken coop and caring for birds is easier and more accessible than you think—living on a farm isn’t necessary. They don't require much special equipment, and today's compact chicken houses are designed to fit even the smallest spaces—from small backyards to apartment terraces!

If you're ready to make backyard chickens a part of your lifestyle, this new, updated edition of Keeping Pet Chickens will give you the essential information you need for a successful flock. Instructive captioned illustrations and down-to-earth language show prospective chicken owners exactly how to master every aspect of keeping and raising healthy and productive poultry, including:

  • Selecting a breed
  • Catching and handling hens
  • Basic chicken biology
  • Helpful tips and hints for care
  • Maintaining health and hatching practices

Whether you’re new to raising chickens or simply need some extra information for taking care of your feathered friends, this is the best chicken book out there.  

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Size: 5.75 in x 8.25 in
  • Pages: 96
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