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Games and House Design for Parakeets

Published: June 2013
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The ultimate guide and activity book for parakeet owners!

Taking care of pets should be fun—and Games and House Design for Parakeets is packed with ideas for games and activities that promote bonding between owners and budgies. In this helpful pet guide, Hildegard Niemann shares her understanding of the different things that keep parakeets happy and contented and gives her readers inventive ideas for housing these engaging birds. In this book about birds, she offers:

  • Detailed plans for constructing good-looking bird stands, bird houses, and bird cages
  • Instructions for making colorful toys and containers for bird feeding
  • Directions for building a parakeet playground that will entertain birds for hours

In this fun parakeet book, Niemann also shows parakeet owners how to incorporate plant life into their bird's environment for a more natural setting, and she inspires owners with descriptions of games and tricks they can teach their bird. Perfect for new bird owners, current owners looking to train or breed their parakeets, this bird guide is filled with detailed instructions, how-to photos for all suggested projects, and eye-catching sidebar tips.

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Size: 6.50 in x 7.88 in
  • Pages: 80
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