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The Pug Handbook

Published: April 2014
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Dedicated pet owners will rejoice at this comprehensive dog guidebook! The Pug Handbook provides advice on purchasing, housing, and caring for your pet pug.

Friendly, easy to groom, and good with children, pugs make wonderful canine companions. As part of the B.E.S. Pet Handbook series, The Pug Handbook provides detailed information on the behavior and care of pugs, including:

  • Finding a reliable breeder or seller
  • Animal origins and traits
  • Dietary needs
  • Housing
  • Health care
  • Training and exercise
  • Grooming
  • Every aspect related to maintaining a healthy and thriving pet

Written by experienced breeders, trainers, and veterinarians, the B.E.S. Pet Handbook series covers everything owners need to know about their pets.

Ready for even more animals and different breeds? 

All of the books in the B.E.S. Pet Handbook series cover a wide range of cute pets with high quality, full-color photos and instructive line drawings.

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 36
  • Series: B.E.S. Pet Handbooks
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