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The Attachment Solution

Let Go of Yours Fears and Learn How to Have Happier Relationships (Self-Help Relationship Book to Understand Attachment Theory)

Published: March 2024
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An essential guide to healing past heartbreak and developing healthy and loving relationships, from psychotherapist and co-dependency counselor Charisse Cooke. The Attachment Solution will empower you by helping you understand your assumptions, reactions, and unhealthy relationship patterns, and how to break them.

We are built to love. Every part of our physiology and psychology is designed to attach with others and share our lives in deep and meaningful ways. As social animals we need people, this is simply our biology. But in modern life, so much has gotten in the way of building healthy attachments. When it comes to our intimate relationships, we are increasingly acting from a place of fear. We're scared we will choose the wrong person, or the person we are with doesn't love us enough. We're scared to get close. We're scared to be on our own. We're scared the one we love is pulling away. We are not securely attached.

We have all been profoundly impacted by our experiences from childhood and previous relationships, and our need to protect ourselves can become greater than our need to love. Exploring the different types of attachment styles and offering tools and strategies for creating positive and secure attachments, whatever stage of a relationship we are in, this book can help whether you are single, dating, married, or divorced. And reflecting on your attachment style can improve non-romantic relationships too, with friends, family, and colleagues. The Attachment Solution will help you create the fulfilling and nourishing relationships we all need.

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