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Fashion Is Freedom

How a Girl from Tehran Broke the Rules to Change her World

Published: September 2016
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The inspiring true story of how courage, a dream, and some needle and thread can change a life forever...

Since she was young, Tala Raassi knew her fate lay in fashion. But growing up in her beloved homeland of Iran, a woman can be punished for exposing her hair in public, let alone wearing the newest trends. Despite strict regulations, Tala developed a keen sense of style in backroom cafes and secret parties. She never imagined her behavior would land her in prison, or bring the cruel sting of a whip for the crime of wearing a mini-skirt.

Tala’s forty lashes didn’t keep her down – they fanned the flames of individuality and inspired her to embrace a new freedom in the United States. As she developed her own clothing label, her exploration into the creative, cut throat community of Western fashion opened her eyes to the ups and downs of hard work, hard decisions, and hard truths.

Fashion is Freedom takes us on a journey that crosses the globe, from Colombia to Miss Universe, and inspires women everywhere to be fearless...

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  • Paperback
  • Size: 5.50 in x 8.25 in
  • Pages: 320
"A rare book equally likely to appeal to fans of Project Runway and students of contemporary Middle Eastern cultural history." — Kirkus Reviews
"Raasi's story is inspirational and very relevant for young entrepreneurs and creative types, providing plenty of insight into the dos and don'ts of running a small business." — Publishers Weekly
"Raassi's elegant, conversational style...brings readers into her world effortlessly and keeps them there until the final page. [Fashion is Freedom] offers women everywhere a heroine to cheer for." — Booklist
"Fearless...Iranian designer Tala Raassi's revolutionary journey from jail to runway." — Cosmopolitan
"Every day I am grateful that I can choose whatever the hell I want to wear without the fear of punishment or violence or imprisonment. Tala's story had a powerful impact on my life. She is a woman who will change the world!" — Jesinta Campbell, Miss Universe Australia 2010 and author of Live a Beautiful Life
"An uplifting and empowering read. Tala Raassi's story is a testament to our ability as women to pursue our dreams in spite of adversity." — Marie ClaireUK
"Whipped and jailed in her native Tehran for wearing a mini skirt and heels, Raassi didn't let it extinguish her love for style. As her inspiring memoir details, she went on to become a U.S. based designer." " — PEOPLE
"Tala can serve as an inspiration to young women everywhere for shedding a dark and difficult past to become successful in business, but the most amazing part of her story isn't her achievement. It's that in spite of what she went through as a kid and aside from the incredible things she has accomplished, she is still an incredibly kind, open person - someone from whom we can all learn. Josh Ellis, Editor in Chief, " — SUCCESS Magazine
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