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How to Move to Canada

A Discontented American’s Guide to Canadian Relocation

Published: October 2016
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“That’s it, I’m moving to Canada.” It’s been threatened before, but maybe this time it’s for real.

If you or someone you know is discontented, distressed, or downright disturbed, maybe the Great White North is right for you, eh. But how much do you really know about Canada?

  • Can you do a job that Canada needs (do you play hockey, drill for oil, or make poutine?)?
  • Can you identify the best Canadian province for your lifestyle (lots of tundra or just some tundra?)?
  • Can you master the proper pronunciation of “sorry”?
  • What strange wizardry is the Canadian government?
  • Is maple syrup acceptable substitution for currency?

At long last, How to Move to Canada can help make your vague threat into a cold Canadian reality. This book is also full of activities such as:

  • Color the flag of your new homeland
  • Match the strange Canuck dialect with their local definitions
  • And more!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a humor book. It won’t really help you emigrate. Rather, it’s a subversive mix of real information on the Great White North plus a hilarious look at all the reasons why you won’t like it there any better — and why they probably won’t have you anyway.

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  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 76
"du Broc uses humor with his instruction, but he's sincere in what you need and what you need to know...a book to campaign for." — Bookworm Sez
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