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Shame Nation

Choosing Kindness and Compassion in an Age of Cruelty and Trolling

Published: June 2018
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Foreword by Monica Lewinsky and as seen on Dr. Oz

“Smart. Timely. Essential. The era’s must—read to renew Internet civility.” — Michele Borba ED.D, author of Unselfie

An essential toolkit to help everyone — from parents to teenagers to educators — take charge of their digital lives.

Online shame comes in many forms, and it’s surprising how much of an effect a simple tweet might have on your business, love life, or school peers. A rogue tweet might bring down a CEO; an army of trolls can run an individual off—line; and virtual harassment might cause real psychological damage. In Shame Nation, parent advocate and internet safety expert Sue Scheff presents an eye—opening examination around the rise in online shaming, and offers practical advice and tips including:

• Preventing digital disasters
• Defending your online reputation
• Building digital resilience
• Reclaiming online civility

Armed with the right knowledge and skills, everyone can play a positive part in the prevention and protection against online cruelty, and become more courageous and empathetic in their communities.

“Shame Nation holds that elusive key to stopping the trend of online hate so kindness and compassion can prevail.” — Rachel Macy Stafford, New York Times bestselling author of Hands Free Mama, Hands Free Life, and Only Love Today

“Scheff offers the latest insight as to why people publicly shame each other and will equip readers with the tools to protect themselves from what has now become the new Scarlet Letter.” — Ross Ellis, Founder and CEO, STOMP Out Bullying

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  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 22
"Shame Nation is primarily a self-help book for those who are facing an Internet scandal, or who are living through an online shaming campaign. The last few chapters include helpful hints and online resources for avoiding and dealing with scandals. The real interest here comes from the stories of others who have brought down scandal upon themselves. Cyberadvocate Scheff and Schorr (Goy Crazy) include story after story featuring trolls, sex-related embarrassment, mistakes caught on tape, swatting, and fat shaming. It may well make the reader paranoid about the reach and power of Internet culture, but the tales are shamefully fascinating. The book does not dwell on the psychological or sociological aspects of trolling or shaming, emphasizing practical advice instead. With a foreword by Monica Lewinsky, this would be a good read for anyone who enjoyed Jon Ronson's So You've Been Publicly Shamed. " — Library Journal
"This is a welcome and timely guide to practical Internet use. Scheff, a parents' advocate and Internet safety activist, suffered from an anonymous smear campaign and wrote this book with journalist Schorr to advise the many others who have experienced or fear similar attacks. From "sextortion" to cyber humiliation, Scheff explains how shame happens, how to defend yourself online, how to weather the storm, and how to recover from attacks on your reputation. Like most social problems, solutions and remedies arise through experience and time. Scheff details many of the organizations and companies that have been created to combat the scourge of shame online while providing many case studies, stories of survival, and campaigns of support. There is a chapter on trolls, and how to deal with them, but little specifically dealing with the partisan political trolls poisoning our democracy. Parents will find the book's advice useful in protecting their children from danger as they explore online, as will anyone who has made a hasty comment or tweet and lived to regret it. Shame Nation is a strong addition to any collection." — Booklist
"Shame Nation is a terrific parenting resource, one that combines real-life cautionary tales with practical solutions for every scenario. This is a must-read in the digital age for anyone who has an internet presence especially as teens are generally more vulnerable to cyber shaming." — Your Teen Mag
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