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The 30-Day Money Cleanse

Take Control of Your Finances, Manage Your Spending, and De-Stress Your Money for Good (Personal Finance and Budgeting Self-Help Book)

Published: January 2019
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Take control of your finances and de-stress your relationship with money! Like food, money is something all of us use but none of us talk about—creating a stressful relationship that most of us suffer from, obsess over, and try to avoid altogether because it feels too impossible to manage. No matter your income or understanding, controlling your own financial situation will allow you to find happiness and freedom in your choices.

The 30-Day Money Cleanse is a step-by-step guide written by expert author Ashley Feinstein Gerstley that will help you create a healthier, happier relationship with your money in just 30 days. Unlike other Simple Truths titles, this book is not intended to be read in an hour or less, but rather can be read one hour per week for one month. During this time, you will discover your financial goals and learn the how and why of financial happiness. It is part personal finance advisor, part motivational journal, and all about leading you to success. If you'd like more training or something to present at a book club, you can take the lessons learned even further when you join Elite Club - all members receive free training presentations (The 30-Day Money Cleanse Training Excerpt). Need some additional motivation to get started and stay on track? Try Finish Strong by Dan Green.

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  • Hardcover
  • Case Count: 24
"Cheery and easy-to-follow guide to creating a healthy personal relationship with money...Gerstley's book offers a solid first step for those just entering the workforce or anyone still in need of developing good financial habits and dealing fearlessly with personal finances." — Publishers Weekly
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