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Fear of Missing Out

Practical Decision-Making in a World of Overwhelming Choice

May 2020 9781492694946

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What are you really missing out on?

You're home on a Friday night, scrolling through Instagram, ready to go to bed.

You see pictures on your timeline of a party you were invited to, but didn't go to. You were confident when you said no, but now you can't stop thinking about it, and you start feeling worse.

You have FOMO, or, Fear of Missing Out.

Coined in a Harvard Business School article, FOMO has become a global term to describe the decimating anxiety when thinking other people are having better, more fulfilling, experiences than you are. It's a natural, biological response, but that doesn't make it feel any better. Amplified by the rise of social media, #FOMO has become a cultural crisis—so what's the cure?

Patrick McGinnis, creator of the term FOMO, has been thinking about it for seventeen years—and he has a solution: decision-making. Learning to weigh the costs and benefits of your choices, prioritizing your decisions, and listening to your gut are central to silencing FOMO and its lesser-known cousin, FOBO: Fear of a Better Option. After all, don't you want to feel comfortable and confident in your decisions?

Written with self-evaluations throughout the book, Fear of Missing Out: Practical Decision Making in a World of Overwhelming Choice helps you ascertain and eliminate the parts of your life that are causing more anxiety than happiness.

So give this a read, and then go to that party, start that new book, create a new goal—or don't. Make that decision, and be confident in it: it's the first of many of its kind.

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  • Paperback
  • Size: 5.50 in x 8.25 in
  • Pages: 256
"This is a useful one-stop shop for those looking to take a decisive stand against the fear of what could have been." — Publishers Weekly
"Fascinating, liberating, this could inspire FOMO in all who choose to leave it on the shelf." — Booklist
"The author outlines a decision-making model that helps them home in on what really matters by tuning out distractions and leveraging technology, thereby living comfortably with the decisions they've made...superb advice. " — Library Journal
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