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Teen Beauty Secrets

Fresh, Simple & Sassy Tips for Your Perfect Look

July 2002 9781570719592

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Hot tips for a fresh look…all on your budget!

Teen Beauty Secrets is loaded with fashion tips and techniques to fit your life and to help you look and feel absolutely extraordinary, from weekend shopping and classroom flirting to posing for prom pictures.

This must-have guide gives you the edge you need to handle every fashion emergency, including breakouts, bad hair days, makeup mishaps and wardrobe calamities. Learn to fill your closet with all the "right" pieces, apply makeup for an all-day, glowing look and keep your friends (and parents) impressed with your attitude and style!

Fashion and beauty expert Diane Irons knows all the inside secrets that have kept celebrity teens looking fresh and fantastic. Without breaking the bank, she’ll show you how to:

--Mix old and new for your winning style
--Use baking soda to clear up blemishes
--Enjoy spa treatments without leaving the house
--And much, much more!

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  • Paperback
  • Size: 8 in x 6.50 in
  • Pages: 256
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