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The Condo Owner's Answer Book

Practical Answers to More Than 125 Questions About Condominium Ownership

Published: January 2008
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For many, the first home they purchase is a condo. What seems like an apartment that you own, in fact comes with a lot more responsibilities than a single-family home as you and your neighbors are sharing walls, floors and other common areas. The Condo Owner’s Answer Book covers all of the common issues with condos and condominium ownership presented in easy-to-follow question and answer format. It addresses the unique and specific type of home ownership that comes with buying and owning a condo. It also covers your rights and responsibilities as a condo owner and as a member of a home owners association.

The Condo Owner’s Answer Book cover such topics as:
--Right and Responsibilities
--Rules and Reasons
--Rights, Wrongs and Expectations
--What to Do When You Don’t Like It
--Internal Dispute Resolution
--Dues and Don’ts
--Paying for the Unexpected
--Association Management
--The Role of Volunteers
--Renting a Condominium

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  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 12
  • Series: Answer Book
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