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The New Lawyer's Handbook

101 Things They Don’t Teach You in Law School

June 2009 9781572487093

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101 Success Strategies They Didn't Teach You in Law School - get expert advice on becoming a better lawyer.

Law school prepares you to think like a lawyer, write like a lawyer, and research like a lawyer—but once you're in the door of a law firm, there's a whole new set of skills you need. The New Lawyer's Handbook guides you through the 101 essential things you need to know in order to excel.

From how to handle your clients and how to work with people in your office, to why it pays to learn to play golf and maintain some semblance of a family life even as you make your billables, The New Lawyer's Handbook gives you the knowledge you need to succeed.

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  • Paperback
  • Size: 5 in x 7 in
  • Pages: 288
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