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Differentiation That Really Works (Grades K-2)

Strategies from Real Teachers for Real Classrooms

December 2010 9781593634919

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Differentiating requires more than just a simple bag of tricks. Teachers need to have concrete strategies if they want to provide choice and challenge for all learners in their classroom. The strategies included in this book were chosen based on their ease of implementation and modification. In addition, they all encourage student engagement, provide inherent opportunities for differentiation, and are appropriate for multiple grade levels. Differentiation That Really Works provides time-saving strategies and lesson ideas created and field-tested by practicing professionals in their own heterogeneous classrooms. These lessons can be used as written or can be modified to meet the needs of a particular classroom. The book also provides templates that can be used to develop new lessons using each strategy. These strategies, including exit cards, choice boards, cubing, graphic organizers, learning contracts, and tiered lessons, help pave the way to a differentiated classroom that meets all students' needs! Grades K-2

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