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Pulling Together (Executive Edition)

10 Rules for High Performance Teamwork

Published: May 2016
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“Great discoveries and achievements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds.” ~ Alexander Graham Bell

At the center of every high-performance team is a common purpose—a mission that rises above and beyond each of the individual team members. To be successful, the team’s interests and needs come first. This requires “we-opic” vision (“What’s in it for we?”), a challenging step up from the common “me-opic” mind-set.

Author John J. Murphy presents the ten rules for high-performance teams in the executive edition of Pulling Together. This jacketed hard cover contains black and white internals and presents the rules in an engaging way that will inspire and motivate team building in your organization. These rules are further illustrated in "Lessons from the Geese", a powerful story about teamwork in nature.

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