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Using the Schoolwide Enrichment Model in Mathematics

A How-To Guide for Developing Student Mathematicians


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Using The Schoolwide Enrichment Model in Mathematics: A How-To Guide for Developing Student Mathematicians applies the teaching and learning strategies of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) to the math classroom. Based on over 40 years of research and development and used in schools around the world, the SEM approach focuses on promoting higher level thinking skills and creative productivity. Using this approach in mathematics, this new guidebook promotes the use of the Mathematical Practices outlined in the Common Core State Standards as the underlying processes and proficiencies that should be developed in students. Teachers learn how to create a culture of enjoyment, engagement, and enthusiasm for all students, and in particular gifted students, while developing students who think and act like mathematicians. Easy to read and use, the book incorporates many practical suggestions, including views from the classroom and sample activities from NAGC-award winning curriculum to motivate and challenge students.

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  • Pages: 150

About the Author

Joseph S. Renzulli, Ed.D., is a long-time faculty member of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Connecticut and was selected by the university as one of its Distinguished Professors.
M. Katherine Gavin, Ph.D., is a gifted math education consultant, award-winning curriculum author and retired associate professor at the Renzulli Center for Creativity, Gifted Education, and Talent Development at the University of Connecticut.
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