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The Six-Word Secret to Success


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From the author of The Strangest Secret, based on the motivational speech heard by millions.

We become what we think about.

Earl Nightingale was in a lookout tower on the Battleship Arizona at Pearl Harbor and was one of only a few hundred who survived. He felt that he had been spared for some reason and became obsessed with learning why some people were successful and others were not. He knew that millions of people around the world are frightened, confused, and surprised in life – they don’t understand the basic law for success, which is this: we become what we think about.

Filled with equal parts inspiration and practical advice, this book is for anyone seeking their “true north” and reveals how you should go about discovering what that is in order to achieve meaningful success in life. Not the kind based on wealth, fame, and popularity, but the kind that you feel inside your soul, that intrinsically drives you to be the best version of yourself, each and every day. In The Six-Word Secret to Success, you will find decades of motivation packed into a short volume that you'll want to read over and over again.

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Quotes from The Six-Word Secret to Success:

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”— HENRY DAVID THOREAU

“Whatever the majority of people are doing, under any given circumstance, if you do the exact opposite,  you  will  probably  never  make  another  mistake as long as you live.” –EARL NIGHTINGALE

“Throw away, in the first place, all ambition beyond that of doing the day’s work well. Find your way into work in which there is an enjoyment of it and all shadows of annoyance seem to flee away. Let each  day’s  work  absorb  your  energy  and  satisfy  your  wildest  ambition. Success  in  the  long  run  depends  on  endurance  and  perseverance.  All things come to him who has learned to labor and wait, whose talents develop in the still and quiet years of unselfish work.” – EARL NIGHTINGALE

“We  can  start  the  day  in  frustration  or  confidence,  take  your  pick.  The  intelligent  thing  to  do  is  pick  confidence,  if  it’s  at  all  possible. There  are  bad  days, but it’s better to begin the day in a confident mood than in a mood of frustration.” – DR. MAX MALTZ

“See  yourself  with  kind  eyes.  Try to forget completely all the idiotic things you’ve done,  the  pain  you’ve  given  to  others,  the  embarrassments  you’ve  suffered,  the  mistakes  you’ve  made in the past. Again, wipe the slate clean.” – EARL NIGHTINGALE

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About the Author

EARL NIGHTINGALE knew a thing or two about overcoming obstacles and conquering difficulties. And he had a unique gift for inspiring those around him to do the same. Born into a poor California family in 1921, Earl survived the meager years of the depression, joined the Marines at age 17, and was one of only 12 men to survive the Pearl Harbor bombing of the battleship U.S.S. Arizona.

After leaving the service, he embarked on a career in broadcasting. His sonorous voice and articulate, impassioned delivery won him a great acclaim in the broadcasting industry. At the insurance company he purchased at the height of his radio career, the sales force relied on his regular Saturday "pep talks" delivered over the PA system to motivate their performance through the week.

One week in 1956, Earl pre-recorded his message so that he could take a vacation without his staff missing their weekly dose of inspiration. The message absolutely electrified the staff. Word of this extraordinary recording spread, and the office was soon deluged with requests for a copy of it. To keep pace, Earl recorded the message, which he called "The Strangest Secret," on 10-inch recordings. Within a year, through nothing more than word-of-mouth, they were selling 2,000 copies a week.

In 1960, Earl Nightingale co-founded the Nightingale-Conant corporation to distribute this information. Since then, the audio version of "The Strangest Secret" has sold well over a million copies and continues to improve the lives of everyone it touches. The original version of The Strangest Secret, along with the updated Ignite Reads version are both available. In addition, the new The Six-Word Secret to Success Ignite Reads book is now available. Learn more about Earl's ideas in these blog posts>>

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