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One Great Speech

Secrets, Stories, and Perks of the Paid Speaking Industry (And How You Can Break In)

Published: October 2020
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Tell your story, change your life

Think about people who are paid to speak at events. They're all celebrities, former politicians, or award-winning experts in their fields, right? Wrong. The truth is that every year, thousands of ordinary people generate five- and even six-figure incomes—just from speaking. And you can too.

With the right know-how, anyone can harness the power of their own story to carve out a lucrative speaking career. Listen in as veteran speaking agent James Marshall Reilly shares insider knowledge and tells compelling stories about dozens of successful speakers. Packed with clearly defined strategies and techniques, this book offers the tips and information you'll need to be well positioned for success as a paid speaker, including how to:

  • Identify, hone, and frame your personal story—or message—so other people will pay to hear it
  • Create compelling marketing materials and get an agent
  • Work with that agent to develop a personal brand and own your niche
  • Increase your speaking fees over time, interact with audiences, and handle failure
  • Use paid speeches to sell an idea, attract customers, build your profile, and generate revenue for your business or nonprofit

One Great Speech is the only resource written by an insider that details the ins and outs of the paid speaking industry. It is the essential blueprint for finding that one great speech that will lead you to speaking success.

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  • Hardcover
  • Size: 5.50 in x 8.25 in
  • Pages: 320
"Readers will be drawn in to the well-organized and conversational style of the book...Reilly delivers hope that these people can join others in the accessible speaker's market to grow their brand and personal wealth." — Booklist
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