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The Hello, Fears Challenge

A 100-Day Journal for Self-Discovery

Published: December 2021
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If you start pursuing your goals TODAY, what's the BEST that can happen?

Since Michelle Poler challenged herself to spend 100 days feeling her fears and doing new things anyway, she's been inspiring people of all ages (and around the world!) to embrace the parts of their journey that terrify them, from new jobs to body waxes to falling in love. Now it's your turn!

Use this daily journal to break free of fear without needing to be "fearless," with 100 Challenges that will crush your comfort zone and shine a motivational light on who you're meant to be.

Work your way through 10 inspiring themes, including:

  • Hello, Life: From Autopilot to Living Fully
  • Hello, You: Becoming Your Authentic Self
  • Hello, Ego: Unlearning Failure
  • Hello, Success: How Not to Self-Sabotage
  • Hello, Future: Grow Through Dirt—Rewrite Your Story

Written in Michelle's hilarious, sparkling voice and inviting ambitious self-reflection, The Hello, Fears Challenge, will help you identify your fears, practice saying yes to opportunities, and grow into the brave, authentic person you're meant to be!

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  • Case Count: 44
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