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The 50/50 Solution

The Surprisingly Simple Choice that Makes Moms, Dads, and Kids Happier and Healthier after a Split

Published: March 2024
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There is one proven method for happier kids, more involved dads, and less stressed-out moms after divorce—50/50 custody

It's hard for everyone when parents split up—but the end of living together doesn't need to mean the end of a functional family. Part of the reason divorces are so traumatic for the kids involved is because of our child custody system, which truly sets everyone up for failure. Throughout the country, the default arrangement is for Mom to get majority time with the kids (and most of the responsibility of caring for them), for Dad to become an occasional visitor (and perhaps saddled with massive child support payments), and for the kids to lose the stability, structure and confidence of knowing they have two equally committed, loving parents. But it doesn't have to be this way!

In The 50/50 Solution, creator of the Wealthy Single Mommy community Emma Johnson showcases the robust research proving that, in the vast majority of cases, equal timesharing is the best outcome for everyone in a family where the adults no longer live together. The 50/50 Solution will show you that equal parenting time leads to:

  • Better physical, emotional, and mental health for children of divorce
  • Higher career earnings for single mothers
  • Fathers who are more engaged and whose rights as parents are preserved
  • Far less parental and legal conflict
  • A progressive, forward-thinking cultural norm that promotes gender and racial equality for all families, regardless of their configuration

A few states have already adopted 50/50 custody as the default arrangement, and several more are poised to follow. Equal parenting time is the custody framework of the future, and The 50/50 Solution shows readers how it helps our families and communities thrive.

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