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Make Space for Happiness

How to Stop Attracting Clutter and Start Magnetizing the Life You Want

Published: October 2022
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It's time to make room in your life for happiness to blossom

Do you feel like you have too much stuff? A cluttered space isn't just inconvenient—the truth is it's hard to lead a joyful, purposeful life when the things around you detract from your relationships, habits, and goals. But decluttering is more than getting rid of the stuff you already have. To make real change in your home, you need to look at how these excess possessions got there in the first place. This book examines the acquisition cycles that keep our homes overcrowded and distract us from going after the meaningful things we really want in our lives.

Make Space for Happiness gives you a seven-step roadmap to clearing your life and opening yourself up to all the good meant to come your way. Renowned decluttering expert Tracy McCubbin will help you revolutionize your living space and your mindset by focusing on clutter clearing as a path to positivity in every area of your life, helping you to manifest:

  • True connection
  • Self-confidence
  • Free time
  • Big Love
  • Self-respect
  • Real Purpose
  • Lasting Wisdom

We all want to live in homes that are functional, comfortable, and that bring us happiness rather than detract from it. Make Space for Happiness provides flexibility, support, and inspiration as you re-envision your home as the starting point of the joyful life that's waiting for you.

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