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The War Before Independence


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Published: May 2016
Published: May 2017
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The United States was creeping ever closer to independence. The shot heard round the world still echoed in the ears of Parliament as impassioned revolutionaries took up arms for and against King and country. In this captivating blend of careful research and rich narrative, Derek W. Beck continues his exploration into the period preceding the Declaration of Independence, just days into the new Revolutionary War.

The War Before Independence transports readers into the violent years of 1775 and 1776, with the infamous Battle of Bunker Hill – a turning point in the Revolution – and the snowy, wind-swept march to the frozen ground at the Battle of Quebec, ending with the exciting conclusion of the Boston Campaign. Meticulous research and new material drawn from letters, diaries, and investigative research throws open the doors not only to familiar figures and faces, but also little-known triumphs and tribulations of America’s greatest military leaders, including George Washington.

Wonderfully detailed and stunningly layered, The War Before Independence brings America’s early upheaval to a ferocious boil on both sides of the battlefield, and vividly captures the spirit of a fight that continues to inspire brave hearts today.

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"Though Beck only covers a short period, his excellent research brings to life the men who fought, providing readers with real, tangible heroes, not just hazy historic figures. Revolutionary War fans will rejoice in this well-written work and hope that the author has more on the way. " — Kirkus Reviews
"Beck establishes himself as a premier historian of the American Revolution...this excellent read takes its place next to Nathaniel Philbrick's Bunker Hill, Paul Lockhart's The Whites of Their Eyes, and Mark Anderson's The Battle for the Fourteenth Colony...highly recommended for those seeking a comprehensive telling of the immediate events prior to the Declaration of Independence and those who want a satisfying read." — STARRED Library Journal
"Beck follows 2015's Igniting the American Revolution: 1773-1775 with another rich and accessible popular history of the early Revolutionary period." — Publishers Weekly
"Beck writes exceptionally vividly, and as such, even readers slow to respond to battleground to-and-fro will be fully engaged." — Booklist
"I recommend The War Before Independence. Mr. Beck's history is impeccable, his documentation thorough, and he tells an entertaining, vivid tale. I loved it." — Historical Novel Society
"With just over 320 pages of text focused on less than a single year, then, one can imagine the level of granularity Beck sometimes achieves, especially as regards military events. Although political events are not entirely ignored, they are secondary to the actions of the military men of all ranks. Readers who enjoy immensely detailed combat narratives will therefore especially enjoy this work. " — Journal of the American Revolution
"Wonderfully detailed and layered, The War Before Independence brings America's early upheaval to a ferocious boil on both sides of the battlefield and vividly captures the spirit of a fight that continues to inspire brave hearts today. Historian Beck provides a sweeping and provocative view of pivotal years in U.S. history, painting the events with accuracy and objectivity." — SirReadaLot.org
"Provocative and emotionally riveting revelations about the birth of the American Revolution." — Zebra
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