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Rise of a New Nation

Published: May 2000
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A remarkable addition to The Making of America Series from Bluewood Books, Rise Of A New Nation begins right after the Revolutionary War and provides an insightful and compelling account of the actual events that shaped our country at its birth. Beginning with the Constitutional Convention of 1787 the book goes on to examine the election of George Washington as America's first president, John Adam's election and the undeclared war with France, the election of Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase, James Madison's presidency and the War of 1812 and ending with the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. This period in American history was pivotal. It was a time when America was first defining itself, and its leaders were emerging to unite the country. From the framing of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights to the early struggles between states rights and the federal government the infancy of America was vital to its long lasting success. Each title in The Making of America Series contains a Where to Go section that brings the past into the present, offering a wide variety of museums and historic sites. Readers can experience and see firsthand where many of the events in the book actually took place.

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  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 124
  • Age range: 12-17
  • Series: The Making of America
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