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The Summer of Skinny Dipping

Published: June 2010
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In this heartfelt summer read, perfect for fans of teen romance books, Mia's drama-filled family beach vacation turns into a chance at first love when the boy next door comes into the picture...

Mia just wanted a summer away to forget it all.

After Mia is unexpectedly dumped by Jake, a summer having relaxing fun with her family in the Hamptons sounds like the perfect beach escape. But her cousin Corinne's new elitist attitude is definitely not what Mia was expecting, and neither is all the family drama. Mia starts to feel more like an outsider than ever before.

Enter Simon, the boy staying next door. He's adventurous, quirky, smart, and seems to want to get to know Mia. And he's definitely not part of Corinne's "cool" crowd. Simon starts to rub off on Mia, and she finally begins to open up—including sneaking out, taking late-night walks on the beach, and maybe even falling in love. The summer might just turn out better than she had originally planned.

But coming out of her shell could mean losing everything Mia has gained.

The Summer of Skinny Dipping is perfect for those looking for:

  • Teen realistic fiction books
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  • YA contemporary novels
  • High school romance books

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 32
  • Age range: 13-17
"The romance is filled with similarities and allusions to The Great Gatsby, and readers of the American classic will predict the tearjerker ending." — Kirkus Reviews
"With a lyrical yet straightforward voice and a layered plot, this novel will live on for more than a summer.—Melissa Rabey, Frederick County Public Libraries, Frederick, MD" — School Library Journal
"Many teens will appreciate this first novel for how the dialogue not only captures the dynamics of Mia's standoffs with her peers but also reveals her surprising discoveries about adults. Mia's first-person narrative is right on about wanting to be "cool" ("I couldn't help wishing I was more like them") even as she despises much of what "they" stand for." — Booklist
"Many teens will appreciate this first novel for how the dialogue not only captures the dynamics of Mia's standoffs with her peers but also reveals her surprising discoveries about adults. Mia's first-person narrative is right on about wanting to be "cool"." — Booklist
"...a wonderful coming of age story with lots of hidden gems hidden inside the story." — A Buckeye Girl Reads
"The best way I can describe the experience of THE SUMMER OF SKINNY DIPPING is an emotional rollercoaster; one you would ride again and again. Ms Howells has a great way of writing that really makes the reader feel like their skin is sunkissed; like they're slipping through the ocean waves." — A Journey of Books
"I really enjoyed Howells's first YA novel, so I'm looking forward to reading more by her in the future!" — An Addicted Book Reader
"Howells does a fantastic job of sinking her writing teeth into you and not letting go. She wrote a story that made me smile, made me laugh and broke my heart all at the same time. She wrote a story that I will not ever forget, I'm thinking." — Book Binge
"I loved this story about a girl with her family and a girl who falls in love with a boy. What isn't there to love?" — Book Bookie
"The Summer of Skinny Dipping is a highly romantic, funny and yes, tearful story about love and life and I'll definitely be checking out more of Howells' future books. " — Book Lush
"Amanda Howell did an incredible job setting the scenes for us. She made it easy for us to close our eyes and just envision ourselves lying on the beach, swimming in the ocean or running through the rain in The Hamptons." — Book Soulmates
"The Summer of Skinny Dipping is a novel that is perfect for the beach if you want that "fun summer romance" book, but the depth and realism make it so much more." — Bookmac
"The Summer of Skinny Dipping was just plain awesome. The ending will have you either crying or pulling your hair out but you will enjoy getting there." — Books Like Breathing
"I especially liked The Summer of Skinny Dipping because Mia is very similar to me and I really connected with her. Also, I fell in love with Simon along with Mia and they are now two of my favorite heroine and hero in YA." — Books and Makeup
"Perfect for Sarah Dessen fans and the upcoming summer, readers (primarily girls) will gobble up this nostalgic, breezy tale of adventure, family secrets, first love, and loss." — Bookworm Readers
"Summer of Skinny Dipping is the perfect summer beach read. You don't have to be just a young adult to enjoy this book; you just have to be young at heart. " — Cheryl's Book Nook
"It's breathe taking." — Chick Lit Reviews
" found this book a delight to read. I'd liken Amanda Howells to an American Kate le Vann, and anyone who loves Kate le Vann's novels (like me) should definitely enjoy this. More generally, I highly recommend this book to fans of thoughtful, summery and romantic coming-of-age fiction." — Chicklish Reviews
"I pretty much devoured this book in one sitting. For me this was the perfect book to start off the summer season. As I am reading this it brought back memories to when I was Mia's age (16 years old) and a summer filled with romance and of course drama." — Cindy's Love of Books
"Looking for a book that you can lose yourself in this summer? Pick up The Summer of Skinny Dipping by Amanda Howells. It's told from the point of view of 16-year-old Mia Gordon - a character you'll surely relate to. She starts off her summer vacation excited to get to the Long Island shore, hang out with her cousins, and nothing more. See, she's just broken up with a cheating boyfriend and having her heart broken again is the last thing she wants to ruin her break. But Mia's summer takes an unexpected twist when she discovers that she has nothing in common with her cousins and finds herself falling for the boy next door - Simon Ross. He's unlike anyone she's ever met (or dated) and when he encourages Mia to let go of her inhibitions and go skinny dipping for the very first time, well, Mia knows her life is about to change forever! You'll also love the fresh and easy writing style that author Amanda Howells surely perfected as a ghostwriter for series like Sweet Valley High and Fearless!" — CosmoGirl.com
"The Summer of My Skinny Dipping is the perfect beach read. Mia is a well-drawn character with a beautiful clear voice. She is very easy to relate and connect to, and the romance is one that drew me in. I believe that the various relationships between the characters helped make this about more than a summer romance novel. So, if you are like me and want more than a romance novel to occupy your time this summer, then The Summer of My Skinny Dipping will definitely fit the bill." — Eating YA Books
"The writing is so beautiful that I had to reread many passages out loud because I loved it so much. " — Enchanted by Books
"Overall, it was a story of love, coming of age, heartache and unfortunate events. All the elements to create a great, well-balanced novel." — La Femme Readers
"It's an understated love story told by a truly talented author. I can assure you...Amanda Howells is going to be a huge name in the YA genre. I have already referred my best friends to this book and I suggest you go pick it up now." — Lindsay Blogs
"connected with the characters and still think about them. Thoroughly engaging and bittersweet, The Summer of Skinny Dipping, is a thoughtful read which compelled me to finish in just a few days time." — Linus's Blanket
"Howells really captured my interest and emotions, taking me on a wild entertaining ride. I would totally recommend this story to readers!" — Literary Cravings
"A wonderful beach read this summer from debut author Amanda Howells." — Minding Spot
"The Summer of Skinny Dipping will make you wish for days with nothing to do but lie on the beach and read while giving you issues to think about." — Mother Daughter Book Club
"Howells does a masterful job of creating interesting, multi-dimensional characters, as well — and despite many opportunities to fall into caricatures (we're taking about people rich enough to spend their summers in Southampton), Howells deftly avoids this pitfall." — Novel Novice
"laid out so that you don't know what's coming and your just in the moment. The author has created something beautiful that I hope a lot of people enjoy. " — One Book at a Time
"you'll want to read this book over and over and over ... there's so much to be learned from it ... I'd recommend this to everyone ... no matter your age, you'll adore it. " — Paranormal Obsession
"Howells grasp of teen emotions—the push and pull of them, one extreme to the next, the certainty that what you are feeling right now is all that matters—was deft. " — Poisoned Rationality
"A deep, realistic exploration into first love and, yes, even loss. " — RT Book Reviews
"A deep, realistic exploration into first love and, yes, even loss." — RT Book Reviews
"This is a touching novel about falling in love, being independent, and learning to believe in yourself. It's
definitely bittersweet at times but very realistic. This a terrific summer read!" — Teens Read Too
"I had thought I would like it a lot, but I was not expecting to love it as much as I did. " — The Book Cellar
"The Summer of Skinny Dipping was an exceptional debut, that had me crying, laughing, shouting, and smiling. It was original and well done, with great characters and a sweet romance. If you're looking for a vivid, refreshing summer read with depth, The Summer of Skinny Dipping is the book for you! Amanda Howells is definitely an author to watch out for! " — The Book Scout
"Howells has created a touching love story and an inspirational self-discovery story all in one book. I highly recommended it to anyone who wants to be truly moved by a piece of literature." — The Charleston Gazette
"The Summer of Skinny Dipping is a book I'd recommend for not only teens, but also adults searching for a sense of nostalgia. A beautiful book that I highly recommend." — The Fiction Enthusiast
"I'm stunned by Howells' deftly written coming-of-age tale. There are many YA novels in which the main character spends the summer in the Hamptons, or some similar summer destination, and learns startling truths about herself and the sparkling world that she once thought was so perfect, but I don't think I've enjoyed any as much as Howells' portrayal. " — The Hiding Spot
" I don't want to compare The Summer of Skinny Dipping to anything else, because it's very unique, but I just have to say: It was better than a Sarah Dessen novel. I know, I know. That's saying a lot, but really, Amanda Howells' writing is just as great." — The Naughty Book Kitties
"Amanda Howells writing in this novel is incredible. I don't really know what else to say. The emotion that she was able to put in this book is what makes the story so captivating." — With a Book
"Sad and happy, dangerous and free spirited, angry and loving and so much more. A most definite read for anyone this Summer and one that should be on high school reading requirements nationwide." — Yankee Romance Reviewers
"The best summer read you won't forget." — Yay! Reads
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