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Published: August 2013
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Best friends don't lie.
Best friends don't ditch you for a guy.
Best friends don't post your deepest darkest secret online.

Bailey's falling head-over-heels for Ryder West, a mysterious gamer she met online. A guy she's never met in person. Her best friend, Meg, doesn't trust smooth-talking Ryder. He's just a picture-less profile.

When Bailey starts blowing Meg off to spend more virtual quality time with her new crush, Meg decides it's time to prove Ryder's a phony.

But one stupid little secret posted online turns into a friendship-destroying feud to answer the question: Who is Ryder West?

Praise for Send:

"Blount's debut novel combines an authentic voice with compelling moral dilemmas."—VOYA

"A dark, captivating, and powerful story!"—Crazy Bookworm

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 32
  • Age range: 13-17
"[A] tech-driven cautionary tale . . .Blount addresses the potential perils of online relationships and the sometimes-destructive power of social media without proselytizing. " — Publishers Weekly
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