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The Boy With The Hidden Name

Otherworld Book Two

Published: December 2014
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"Benedict Le Fay will betray you. And then he will die."

Betrayal and death—not quite the prophecy Selkie wanted about her first love. A half-faerie princess with a price on her head, Selkie Stewart just wants a little normal in her life. Not another crazy prophecy. Besides, she and Ben are a team. They're the two most wanted individuals in the Otherworld, and fated to bring down the Seelie Fairie Court and put an end to their reign of terror. Nothing can come between them.

Until Ben leaves.
And the sun goes out.
And the chiming bells deafen all of Boston.

The Seelies are coming. And only Selkie can stop them from destroying the world.

Otherworld Series:
The Girl Who Never Was (Book 1)
The Boy With The Hidden Name (Book 2)

What Readers are saying about The Girl Who Never Was:

"Utterly charming...echoes of Neil Gaiman's Stardust, of Diana Wynne Jones' Fire and Hemlock."—Erika Koch Utsler, Amazon, 5 stars

"This book surprised me with its awesomeness...the voice and the writing blew me away."—AdriAnneMS, Amazon, 5 stars

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 32
  • Age range: 12-17
  • Series: Otherworld , Book 2
"With spot-on humour, Wonderland-esque logic, and magical twists and turns, Skylar Dorset's The Boy with the Hidden Name is an example of YA fiction at its best." — 21st Century Once Upon a Time
"Fans of all thing fae are in for a treat with this follow-up to The Girl Who Never Was...in this rich and vivid sequel, Selkie must put an end to the machinations of her own mother and the Seelie Court—or risk dying." — School Library Journal
"The prophecy that came about in The Girl Who Never Was (2014) is back with a vengeance...political intrigue and magical quest are leavened by some well-timed humor, which makes for a fun read. Dorset sticks to some faerie-story traditions ("There's power in a name," says Selkie, early on), and these details add to the mythic, engrossing atmosphere." — Booklist
"Every book about faerie folks involves feasts and courts and glamours, royalty and danger. You'll find them all in this exciting and fun Young Adult story THE BOY WITH THE HIDDEN NAME by Skylar Dorset." — Fresh Fiction
"Swoon! Just as gorgeous and magical as the first book." — Imperial Beach Teen
"Dorset has a way of making fantasy blend easily into reality. She seduces readers with her brilliantly crafted worlds and loveable characters. She describes everything so vividly you can almost feel in your senses exactly what the characters are experiencing...These books blended together my favourite genres and created a whirlwind rind of perfection." — Little Miss Trainwreck
"Skylar Dorset has created a potion filled with all the elements of a wonderful reading escape, from the beautiful world she has created to the loveable characters she has populated it with. The pages will fly by as you devour each page." — Tome Tender

"Skylar Dorset's debut series, Otherworld, is an astoundingly well-done urban fantasy in the style of Neverworld and Daughter of Smoke & Bone. If you're looking to get swept up in a world-spanning fantasy adventure, check out the Otherworld series!" — YA Books Central

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