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Dominique Raccah is the entrepreneurial Publisher and CEO of Sourcebooks, the company she founded from her home in 1987. Originally a source of financial information for bankers, Dominique has led a continuously growing, pioneering general book publishing house that happily produces everything from adult and teen fiction, to top titles in children’s books, to baby names and college guides.

The publisher has created scores of New York Times bestsellers, hundreds of national bestsellers, and #1 selling titles in perennial categories. Sourcebooks today has over 130 employees, publishes more than 350 new titles each year, and is proud to be one of the top book publishers in America. It is the largest woman-owned book publisher in the country as well as the largest trade book publisher in Chicago.

Dominique has been widely recognized as a leader in innovation in book publishing - Sourcebooks has won every innovation award that the industry gives - as well as in the field itself, being named Publishers Weekly's Person of the Year in 2016.

Dominique is deeply interested in expanding readership, creating a world of readers, and connecting authors and readers in new ways. Sourcebooks works with its retail partners to experiment and develop new ways to inspire and delight their customers, and create books that have extraordinary impact.

An inspiring and passionate presenter, Dominique speaks internationally on innovation, the future of book publishing and entrepreneurship, and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, The Chicago Tribune, NPR, and The New York Times

Dominique's Interview with Entrepreneur.com's Women's Channel

Dominique's Acceptance Speech Strand Magazine Publisher of the Year Award 2019


Dominique has been invited to and accepted invitations to speak all over the world. Here are some of her speaking engagements:

  • Digipalooza Keynote - August 2021
  • Publishing Now - April 2021
  • IPG International Publishing Forum Views from UK and US Leaders - March 2021
  • BookMachine on Clubhouse - February 2021
  • DPI Keynote – July 2020
  • Sharjah International Book Fair Publishers Conference - October 2019
  • Simon Fraser University – The Jim Douglas Lecture – September 2019
  • BookExpo Leadership Roundtable - May 2019
  • IBPA Publishing University – April 2019
  • Frankfurt Book Fair (Oct 2017) – Innovators Meet Up with the Bookseller
  • Berrett-Koehler (Jul 2017): Marketing Workshop Keynote
  • New York University (Jun 2017): Summer Publishing Institute Keynote
  • BookExpo (May 2017): The Future of Publishing
  • Chinese Children's Book Fair (Nov 2016): Digital Trailblazers - Children's Publishing and the Virtual World
  • Nielsen Children's Summit (Oct 2016): Gaining Market Share in a World of Endless Content
  • Digital Book World (Mar 2016): Transformation in Action - Sourcebooks
  • Digital Book World, Launch Kids (Mar 2016): Through the Looking Glass - The Past, Present, and Future of Children's Publishing
  • Havana Book Fair (Feb 2016): The Development of Digital
  • Launch Kids (Jan 2015): Personalization of the Story
  • Buenos Aires International Book Fair (Apr 2014): Creativity and Innovation in the World of Publishing
  • Digital Book World (Jan 2014): Rethinking Failure - Finding the Opportunities in Our Challenges
  • Publishers Launch Conference (Jan 2013): PutMeInTheStory.com
  • Denver Publishing Institute (Aug 2012): Commencement Speech
  • Digital Book World (Jan 2011): eBook Experimentation, the Agility of Small Book Publishers, the New Definition of Publishing and Learning Through Failure
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