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Open Positions

What does it mean to work at Sourcebooks?

We’re a mission driven publishing house made up of people committed to growing talent and thinking differently. We believe books change lives, and by joining our team you are joining a community of book-minded professionals who connect readers with amazing stories.

Based in the Chicago suburbs, we’ve adopted a hybrid working model that allows us to expand our workforce beyond Illinois into Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin. We hire top talent at all levels, and then develop those people into some of the best in the publishing business. We think big, aim high, and work hard: this shows up in our numbers time and time again.

If you’re seeking an internship with us, our program will resume in 2023. We’re redeveloping the Sourcebooks internship so it better adapts to the ever-evolving world of publishing. Exciting changes are ahead: check back here for more updates!

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Our Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, and Education:

Between the Education Committee, our internship program, and the brand new BIPOC Editorial Training Program, we’re committed to sharing knowledge and empowering diverse professionals at all levels. Learn more about these three ongoing initiatives below:

Some Key Facts About Us:

As of March 2023 in the U.S., we are the: 

  • 8th largest publisher of children’s books.
  • 7th largest book publisher. 
  • 6th largest publisher of Adult Fiction.
  • 2nd largest publisher of Romance.

In 2022 alone:

  • We saw double digit growth in all categories (and +35% growth over 2021!).
  • Our Adult Fiction imprints saw +86% growth. 
  • We added 32 brand new positions to the company.
  • One in four young adult thrillers sold in the U.S. is from Sourcebooks Fire, our YA imprint.
  • Sourcebooks Fire titles held 12 spots in the top 200 YA Fiction bestsellers for 2022.
  • We hold the industry’s fastest growth rate.
  • More than 1% of every book sold in the U.S. is a Sourcebooks title.

We are thoughtful and intentional: as our business grows, we make sure we’re scaling responsibly and continuing to care for our people.

And the #1 reason to join our community: every single one of us believes that books change lives. You’ll be challenged in exciting ways, and presented with lots of opportunities to learn and grow your career at Sourcebooks. We keep open minds and love working together towards the next big thing, and we hope you will too. 

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