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Quiet Books for Noisy Times

March 9, 2021

This December, remember to pause and take a breath! It’s important to have moments when we rest from all the demands placed on us. And just like adults, children need quiet, tender moments, too.

You can share a quiet space with the children in your life inside the pages of these two poignant picture books about belonging, courage, and late night magic.

Amy’s Light captures the magic of nighttime with its lifelike yet dreamy art. Amy is a young girl who is afraid of the dark shadows in her bedroom, but soon notices a slight glow in the back yard.

When she discovers the source, she exuberantly catches fireflies in a jar—only to see their lights go dim. When she releases them, she finds that her fear of the dark is gone too.

The warm, lovely photo-illustrations are based on the author/illustrator’s daughter. Amy’s Light is a captivating and encouraging read aloud.

All over the world, children want the same thing–the comfort of knowing that they belong, that they are part of something meaningful.

Inside All takes the reader on a journey from the glowing edges of the universe into the warm heart of a sleepy child at bedtime, where we discover, not something small, but something huge.

This is a story about how we each have a place in the world, and how the world lives in each of us. If you’re looking for the perfect bedtime read aloud to quiet the minds of young ones, Inside All is the book for you.

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