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A Place Beyond Courage

Published: September 2012
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"The best writer of medieval fiction currently around."—Historical Novels Review

Sometimes Keeping Your Honor Means Breaking Your Word

In England, the Middle Ages are a time for ambitious men to prosper. Before he becomes the father of William Marshal, John FitzGilbert is a man of honor and loyalty, sworn to royal service. When the old king dies, his successor rewards the handsome and ambitious John with castles and lands. But King Stephen has a tenuous hold on his reign over medieval England.

In these unstable times, John's loyalty to the British king comes at great cost. So, when jealous rivals at court seek to destroy John, he takes matters into his own hands. He backs a woman's claim to the crown, sacrifices his marriage, and eventually makes a final gamble that is perhaps one step too far.

Rich with detail, masterful in its storytelling, A Place Beyond Courage is historical fiction full of impossible choices and the real meaning of honor, perfect for fans of The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory and Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel.

An incredible prequel to the William Marshal series!

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Praise for Elizabeth Chadwick:
"Picking up an Elizabeth Chadwick novel is like having a Bentley draw up at your door: you know you are in for a sumptuous ride."—Daily Telegraph
"A star back in Britain, Elizabeth Chadwick is finally getting the attention she deserves here."—USA Today

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  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 12
  • Series: William Marshal
"A Place Beyond Courage is a splendid book, all around: the high quality of writing, the great amount of research and the quick-paced action. At the risk of sounding cliche, there really is never a dull moment in this novel." — Axe for the Frozen Sea
"Based on real characters and extensive research, Chadwick's imaginative tale will keep readers captive till the final page. " — Publishers Weekly
"Chadwick does a fantastic job in this novel, as with all her books, of bringing characters that have been dead for 800 years to life on the page." — A Girl Walks Into a Bookstore
"I know that when I want good historical fiction then Chadwick's books are the ones to read. Medieval life comes alive in them." — Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell
"This is truly Ms. Chadwick's forte; taking big swaths of medieval history and reducing it to the personal level. She lets her reader get a feel for what the life would have been like - whether through descriptions of food, clothing or even the smell of a washerwoman - it all brings the period to vivid life for the person lucky enough to be reading the book." — Broken Teepee
"Elizabeth Chadwick is a master at this period and meticulously researches her material, and presents the story eloquently and passionately." — Burton Book Review
"Highly recommended to all readers of historical fiction, especially those with an interest in the medieval era and English history." — Confessions of an Avid Reader
"Her novels bring it all alive." — Creative Madness Mama
"I did very much enjoy A Place Beyond Courage. It is a good look at the civil war between Stephen and Matilda for the future of the English throne and John FitzGilbert is a fascinating character, if somewhat less sympathetic than his famous son." — Devourer of Books
"I would recommend A PLACE BEYOND COURAGE to anyone who enjoys history or is looking for a pleasant novel to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon." — Fresh Fiction
"This is a terrific biographical fiction that fans of the era will enjoy as John the Marshal proves able, brave and opportunistic in a world filled with intrigue, but is truly tested when his favorite offspring is snatched." — Genre Go Round Reviews
"The author has brought to life a little-known minor nobleman in a time so remote from our own. She makes England of the 12th century vivid and frightening and filled with the same emotions and problems we grapple with today: greed, political uncertainty, immense courage, passion and love. Highly recommended." — Historical Novels Review
"This was the third Elizabeth Chadwick book that I read and really enjoyed. Since then I have worked my through most of her back list! Still a few to go and I am being very slow, savouring my journey through them knowing that once I get through them all then I will have to wait impatiently for each new release." — Historical Tapestry
"The author's attention to detail is amazing, she really makes the reader feel like they are at medieval court." — In the Hammock Book Reviews
"I highly recommend this book and Elizabeth Chadwick in general. She is a master of historical fiction." — Laura's Reviews
"Oh, I just LOVED this book! It finally makes the William Marshal story complete." — Lizzieenglish
"Those who love accurate historical fiction, exciting characters, a plot filled with suspense and action, high emotions and surprises, will probably love this book. " — Long and Short Reviews
"Once again, I can't stress enough that Elizabeth Chadwick is an amazing writer who makes you feel as though you are living the history. " — McArthur Book Review
"This is a terrific biographical fiction that fans of the era will enjoy as John the Marshal proves able, brave and opportunistic in a world filled with intrigue, but is truly tested when his favorite offspring is snatched." — Midwest Book Review
"A Place Beyond Courage" will captivate any reader who enjoys not only historical fiction but who also enjoys historical romance,Medieval era,and a visit with men of honor. A must read!" — My Book Addiction Reviews
"Immerse your senses in the world created by Chadwick; be intrigued, entertained and enlightened by the deft skill of a master storyteller as she weaves a course through the turbulent years of a battle for the Crown with passion and finesse. For fans of William Marshal and Chadwick's The Greatest Knight and The Scarlet Lion, this is a must-read." — RT Book Reviews
"This is a superb read about a lesser known historical figure. The pace never lets up, the author's eye for historical detail and accuracy is immaculate, and in John Marshal, she has fleshed out the character of a truly remarkable man." — Romantic Historical Lovers
"As with all of her novels, Chadwick really knows how to create some great drama. " — The Maiden's Court
"All I can say is Elizabeth Chadwick, I want more. She is one of my favorite authors. I have been known to buy her books of Amazon UK or ebay to get my hands on them." — Tracy's Nook
"A Place Beyond Courage is a book to be highly regarded as one of the greats." — Yankee Romance Reviews
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