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One for Sorrow

Published: October 2011
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In Byzantium, the capital of the 6th century Roman Empire, annual games are held to celebrate the founding of the city. Several courtiers, obliged by office to attend, idly watch the chariot races and the bear baiting from the imperial box. Suddenly they—and the crowd—are electrified as a magnificent bull surges into the arena. Those who worship Mithra make quiet reverence to the sacred animal while a trio of bull leapers enters in his wake. John, Lord Chamberlain to the Christian Emperor, is among those surprised into breathing tribute. He soon receives a further shock: surely the lovely young girl vaulting the beast had once been his lover.

Later, making his way home through the thronged streets, John stumbles over the body of his friend Leukos, Keeper of the Plate. There are plenty of witnesses: an Egyptian brothel keeper, a young mason working on the Church of the Holy Wisdom, a mad stylite, a henpecked innkeeper, and the bull leapers from Crete. Now duty and guilt demand that John discover the murderer....

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  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 12
"Painting an enticing picture of sixth-century Byzantium, Reed and Mayer ably evoke court intrigue and the conflict of religious beliefs in the Christian capital of Constantinople...the authors gracefully intertwine John's personal history and the traffic in holy artifacts with the early history of Christianity." — Publishers Weekly
"Rich in period detail, expertly paced with compelling, complex characters, One For Sorrow is one of the most resonant, pleasing novels I've read in a long time." — Mark Terry, author of Blood Secrets
"The twists and turns of the plot are skillfully constructed, and the writing is highly readable. Fans of Lindsay Davis and Stephen Saylor in particular are in for a treat when they discover the work of this talented husband and wife team." — Martin Edwards, award-winning author and editor of the British Library Crime Classics
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