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Two-Way Murder

Published: April 2022
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Mystery crime fiction written in the Golden Age of Murder

It is a dark and misty night—isn't it always?—and bachelors Nicholas and Ian are driving to the ball at Fordings, a beautiful concert hall in the countryside. There waits the charming Dilys Maine, and a party buzzing with rumours of one Rosemary Reeve who disappeared on the eve of this event the previous year, not found to this day. With thoughts of mysterious case ringing in their ears, Dilys and Nicholas strike a stranger on the drive back home, launching a new investigation and unwittingly reviving the search for what really became of Rosemary Reeve.

Written in the last years of the author's life, this previously unpublished novel is a tribute to Lorac's enduring skill for constructing an ingenious puzzle, replete with memorable characters and gripping detective work.

Crime fiction lovers can't miss the classic golden age mysteries published in the acclaimed British Crime Classics series!

"[An] excellent fair-play mystery...this British Library Crime Classic more than deserves that status."—Publishers Weekly, STARRED Review, for Checkmate to Murder, another excellent entry in the acclaimed British Crime Classics mystery series

Product Details

  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 32
  • Series: British Library Crime Classics

"With this puzzler by E. C. R. Lorac (1894-1958), the British Library Crime Classics series adds a never-before-published mystery to its collection...[The Two-Way Murder] has all the earmarks of classic Golden Age fiction, including intense atmosphere, characters with warring motivations, and an absolutely unguessable ending that, when explained by the chief detective, makes perfect sense. A lucky find." — Booklist, Starred Review

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