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What Mother Won't Tell Me

Published: January 2024
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"An intoxicating [thriller], well worth the sleep you will lose as you read 'just one more chapter'." — Clémence Michallon, internationally bestselling author of The Quiet Tenant

Perfect for fans of Abigail Dean's Girl A and Adrian McKinty's The Chain, What Mother Won't Tell Me is a taut, Nordic thriller with a folk tale twist about a young girl raised in strict isolation, protected from the cruel people in the outside world, who soon realizes the most dangerous strangers are the ones in the bedroom across the hall... 

Once upon a time, a young woman named Juno lived in a cabin, deep in the woods on a remote island. She had only Mother; Father; her little brother Boy; and a book of fairytales for company. They lived in constant fear, because danger lurked on the other side of the lake, seeking them out – "strangers", as they called them, who wanted to destroy the family.

They lived safely, under seven strict commandments. Until Juno was spotted by a stranger. 

In one moment, Juno's world comes crumbling down around her. It's clear the island she calls home is not the safe haven she believed it to be and that more than a few secrets have been kept from her. Juno doesn't know her parents. She doesn't know herself. But whoever Mother and Father are, they'll do anything to keep Juno to themselves.

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  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 24

"Menger skillfully doles out disturbing reveals, maintaining expert tension without lingering in ambiguity for too long. This deliciously creepy puzzle box is bound to keep readers hooked." — Publishers Weekly

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