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Blood Sweep

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Published: April 2015
Published: April 2015
Published: April 2015
Published: April 2015
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Next book in the Posadas County Mystery Series

Posadas County Undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman has a lot on her plate—but when her family is threatened by a criminal underworld, she'll stop at nothing to protect her own

Gifted fifteen-year-old Francisco Guzman has become an internationally renowned concert pianist, touring the world under the auspices of his music conservatory. That gives his mother, Posadas County Undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman, plenty of reason to worry—and that's magnified when she learns that he's in Mexico's crime-ridden Mazatlan for a concert series where he may be the target for scam artists and kidnappers.

Estelle's worries go from bad to worse when her uncle surfaces in the small town to mend family ties and leaves a trail of corpses in his wake. Meanwhile, escalating events put Sheriff Bobby Torrez in jeopardy—and with a criminal willing to openly attack local law enforcement, the citizens of Posadas County are in incredible danger.

And just when his sage advice might be most useful, former county sheriff and family friend Bill Gastner is injured and out of commission. As the situation on both sides of the border heats up, the inevitable outcome grows more and more deadly.

In Blood Sweep, the next title in Steven F. Havill's Posadas County Mysteries, Undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman's past will come back to haunt her. Can she keep Posadas County safe from it?

This acclaimed series is:
  • Perfect for fans of C.J. Box and Michael McGarrity
  • For readers who enjoy police procedurals and Southwest desert mysteries
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    • Case Count: Hardcover: 20, Paperback: 12, Paperback Large Print: 12
    "The story line is satisfyingly complex, but the novel's great strength is its well-rendered setting, from the opening description of a silent, motionless antelope to the evocation of a dry riverbed. The concluding note of empathy for the many people trying to cross the border is moving without being heavy-handed." — Publishers Weekly STARRED Review
    "The family-secrets angle makes this leisurely episode most likely to appeal to fans less invested in the nominal mystery than in the long narrative arc supplied by the extended family of Posadas County, in which everyone seems to be related to everyone else by blood or spirit." — Kirkus Reviews
    "Havill, in his twentieth Posadas County mystery, will keep readers guessing. He'll also have longtime readers holding their collective breath to learn the fate of the series' original protagonist, Bill Gastner, now 76, who shatters a hip in a fall. The Posadas County mysteries are carefully plotted, subtly written, and populated by an endearing, evolving cast of characters. A worthy entry in a fine series that appeals equally to procedural fans and to those who favor mysteries with a small-town setting." — Booklist
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