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Lipstick and Lies

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Published: March 2007
Published: March 2007
Published: March 2007
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"A sharply written adventure/mystery debut." —Kirkus Reviews

Women Air Force Service Pilot and undercover agent Pucci Lewis did not want to go to jail. But how else could she unmask Grace Buchanan-Dineen, an imprisoned countess/counteragent suspected of triple-dealing and possibly putting the country's future at risk?

Buchanan-Dineen was a real-life figure who led a German spy ring operating in Detroit during WWII. Confronted by the FBI, she agreed to act as a counteragent helping to nail the other ring members. Jailed along with her cohorts—"for her own protection"—her rancor ran deep.

Enter Pucci, landing in a B-24 bomber at the Willow Run aircraft factory. Late for a meeting, she takes a shortcut and stumbles upon a corpse. Agent Dante appears, revealing the dead man to be a German spy. A fellow Willow Run employee, Otto Renner, had been under surveillance and the FBI suspects a link between Renner and the imprisoned countess. Dante convinces Pucci to become a sister inmate to see what she can learn. Then she infiltrates a posh women's club where Buchanan-Dineen once lectured as a "charm consultant." Could the club be the center of a spy ring?

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  • Case Count: Paperback: 12, Paperback Large Print: 12
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